Sunday, December 23, 2012

My little mission... not impossible (",)

I am now trying my best to pursue my mission, that is, to make my children love books, love to read books, to have passion for books..
My late father was someone who had so much passion for books, he had this huge collection of books, and we even had a library at home with racks full of books!!

I've been exposed to all kinds of reading materials since I was a little girl, such as Readers Digest, Time Magazines, Novels, etc etc and a Book Fair was something we would all looked forward to and were always always sooooo excited to go, and the best part was, 'abah' would always gave us the huge amount of money to buy as many books we like regardless of the amount, the price.. 

Oh, I've realized now how abah tried his best for me to love books, because unlike my other elder siblings, I used to be someone who disliked reading, maybe I even hated it!
The turning point was when I started reading English books, and it was all my father's effort, he had taught me to read in English (",)

When I started reading English books, I fell in Love immediately, because unlike Malay story books, English story books are far far more interesting..

So, in the process of teaching my children how to read in English, I observed these cute and funny differences between Afeef and Fatini, why they differ so much, I have absolutely no Idea!!

For instance, Fatini is now able to read these sentences on her own, and Afeef had long ago finished with this part, but when Afeef read this, he just read it and never questioned anything. 
I would then asked him what's the meaning of everything that he had just read..
So he would start thinking what had he read? 
And he would read again, this time to understand it so he could explain it to me..
If I didn't ask, he wouldn't bother to know what the story was all about!
He would read just for the sake of reading?? hehehe..
No wonder he found reading BORING!! haha

Ok, so it's a totally different story with Fatini, when she was reading these exact same sentences, when she came to the part,
"Sam sat on a cat...."
She started giggling all of a sudden, and I asked why??
She said, it's funny that Sam sat on a cat!! How could a person sit on a cat!!

She understands what she reads, isn't that great????!!!

Same goes here, with Afeef, he'd just read it like usual and never question a thing, but when it comes to Fatini, she immediately asked, why sit and then sat?...
Haha so smart (",)
She always explains to me what's the meaning of everything she'd read without being asked, and if she doesn't understand anything at all, she would always always asks!!!

And she is now able to read this!! 
It's amazing how fast she progresses (",)

Oh my, I guess children really are different, like I said before, at 4 years old, Afeef was always so satisfied with my 'Orang lidi version of Ultraman', but for Fatini, No way!! hehe..
I had to draw something, anything exactly the way she wanted it mmmmm..

Nevertheless, I believed that, no matter how different they are, they each have their own special talent and I'm going to discover it!!

Just a lil something to share here...
Aleena always has a teddy with her whenever she goes out, even just to fetch Fatini from kindergarten and it's a must for her to bring her teddy along haiiiihhh..

And Fatini, refused to cut her hair, see how long it is now??
Macam2 perangai.... hehehe..

Till Later (",)

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sitiezahim said...

hahaha btw semua anak2 kita ni comel dengan cara derang yg tersendiri kan? setiap anak2 ni mmg lain2 perangai, no wonder emak kita dulu suka cakap 'korang kan macam2 perangai, nanti dah ada anak, tahu lah'..hehe...:P
psst izzah pon bab duduk atas kucin tu dia ada respon: duduk atas kucing?? hehehe....

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