Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Sign

He was about to jump, like as if he was standing at the edge of a cliff, ready to jump, and he needed that little push...
He was about to jump into Islam...
All he asked for was a sign, just a sign...
But he never got any, and he was very dissapointed, but, when he read the Quran again, he found the answers..

"For those who'd asked for a sign, have We not shown enough? Look around you, look at the star, look at the sun, the moon, these are the signs for the people of knowledge.."

Surah An-Nahl, 12;

 "And He has subjected to you the night and the day, the sun and the moon; and the stars are subjected by His Command. Surely, in this are proofs for people who understand..."

Surah Al-Jathiyah, 3-6;

"Verily, in the heavens and the earth are signs for the believers.

And in your creation, and what He scattered (through the earth) of moving (living) creatures are signs for people who have Faith with certainty.

And in the alternation of night and day, and the provision (rain) that Allah sends down from the sky, and revives therewith the earth after its death, and in the turning about of the winds (i.e. sometimes towards the east or north, and sometimes towards the south or west etc., sometimes bringing glad tidings of rain etc., and sometimes bringing the torment), are signs for a people who understand.

These are the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, revelations, etc.) of Allah, which We recite to you (O Muhammad ) with truth. Then in which speech after Allah and His Ayat will they believe?"

Like what Ruben Abu Bakr here have discovered, that the signs that he was looking for weren't 
exactly something that appear infront of his very eyes, out of no where, but it's what that has been there all along, around him, he just have to open his eyes and heart to see it..
So just like us who always hope for a sign so we could change for the better, or a sign to make a decision then maybe we should open our eyes and heart too and stop searching and waiting for a sign, because we don't need a sign to be sure of anything, we just have to feel that Allah is watching us and He's near, and He listens to our prayers, so put our trust in Allah and that He'll guide us in everything we do.. (",)


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