Sunday, December 30, 2012

My little IMAGINATION... (",)

I was rummaging, oh, don't ask what was I looking for, this is what happens when you never keep things properly in your house.
Ok, back to the story, as I was rummaging the book rack, my eyes fell on this book,

I talked about this book before in one of my entries HERE, and how I found it interesting, but this time when I looked at it, a thought came across my mind...

Lexi, the character in this story, had been in a car accident and she got amnesia and lost part of her memories, 3 years of her life to be exact.
So she got up in a hospital room, with no memories of the past 3 years of her life and found...
What the heck, A TOTALLY NEW HER!!!
I mean, a really really new Her, she had somehow turned into different person all together..

So, when I was reading this book, I did wonder, is it really possible that a person could transformed so much within just 3 years??
And, this morning, I found myself wondering, if I were to wake up in a Hospital room today, with no memories at all of the past 3 years of my Life, how different was I then than now??

Mmmmmmmmmmm.... Lets see....

1~~ I have a 3 year old daughter named Aleena??? Really??
2~~ I live in Germany?? In a nice and huge house? Really??
3~~ I play piano??? Biar betul!! 3 years ago, Playing piano was like, 'In your dream babe'..
4~~ I have a piano at home? My very own piano?? Really?? No way!!
5~~ I have this new habbit, an apple a day is a must! Seriously?? I never liked apples!!
6~~ I wear shawls everyday?? This better be for real!!! Shawls used to be a stack of 'harta karun' kept in my wardrobe because I was too shy to look different, and I looked pathetic in it, and many more excuses but now shawls are my Life!! A friend even call me the  'Queen of Shawls'!!! Hahaha!
7~~ I make my own Tiramisu, cupcakes, muffins, etc etc... This is unbelievable!!!! 3 years ago I had not the slightest ideas on how to bake anything!!! Hahaha!!
8~~ I have flowers in my house???!! And I've made flower base paintings to decorate my house?? No way!!! I was never into flowers, I have always dreamed of a house full of abstract paintings and 'flowers free' hehe..
9~~ I speak a little Deutsch? Wow..
10~~~ I have a collections of pots and plates?? Haaaaahhhh....!! I was never into pots and plates!!
11~~ I have many friends in Deutschland!! Really??!!
12~~ I've been to some interesting places in Europe!! Wow!!
13~~ I'm no longer a messy person, I can't stand to see a pile up in the sink, or a table full of stuffs and things like that, which was something I couldn't be bothered before hehe..
14~~ I kinda enjoy kenduri kendara which I used to hate, it's a chance to get together with friends and families, but I still hate the kind where woman do all the work and men just sit back and relax while coffee is being served!
15~~ What else?? I have a blog!! 3 years ago I had no idea what blogging was all about hehe! I never even thought I could write and continue to write because many things I did in life 'hangat2 taik ayam' je hehe.

Ok, I think that was all the little things that have changed over these past 3 years in my Life, nevertheless, they were enough to make me as dumbfounded as Lexi Smart in this novel.
Hei, why don't you guys do the same thing, just to find how dumbstruck you'll be in discovering how your life has changed in just a few years!!
It's kinda fun, Try it (",)


:cahya schatz: said...

:) tahniah atas kejayaan anda..

sitiezahim said...

mmmmmm betul gak kan?? dalam masa 3 tahun, banyak yg berlaku dlm hidup kita..btw u mmg banyak yg dah dicapai...gut gemacht ana :D

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