Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Purpose....

Ehem... I'm about to give a speech here :D

Ok, 1st of all, a friend tagged me in a post today on Facebook so I could give a little opinion on something...
About being a housewife and at the same time a Bachelor Degree holder..
Ok, from my point of view, I mean being a housewife myself and at the same time a Degree holder, I would say this :

If you find yourself in these situation :
You have a degree, you have a family, children, and a responsible husband who provides everything that you and your kids need, then ask yourself,
"Why do I want to work???"

If your answers are:
I have a loan to settle, and it's quite an amount which my husband can't afford to cover or you've just completed a Bachelor degree in Medicine or any other equivalent with which your presence in the working field would contribute so much to the Ummah, or you have this opportunity that you must grab, then I would say, go for it, provided your children will not be neglected!

But, if your anwers are:
I can't stand to stay at home with my children or being a housewife is humiliating, boring, or I can't bear the way people look at me when they knew I'm a housewife, or I have a Degree, it's such a waste if I just stay at home, or I need a friend then I must go out and work or anything like that,

Then I would say, ladies, what is our purpose of life? What is our purpose as a wife and a mother? Going out to work is not our responsibility but, taking care of our children is our responsibility.. don't stress yourself and strive to make yourself 'somebody' too much until you miss the whole purpose..

Facts that most of us rarely realized;

1~~ You are already 'somebody' when you chose to be a housewife.
2~~ You are more than just 'somebody' to your children.
3~~ It is not such a waste to have a Degree and yet you chose not to work, because knowledge and education is not a preparation for life but it is a life itself.
4~~ You have all the time at home with your children, you are educated, use your knowledge to teach your children at home, educate them so that they'll be a successful person fiddunya wal akhirah.
5~~ Isn't that what we should aim for as a mother? And most importantly, you are there all the time for your children when they need you. Isn't that really something?

I know it's not easy being a housewife in Malaysia, I was there, I know how it's like to feel so small when they give you this 'look' the moment they've discovered that you are a housewife..
The kind of 'look' that says,
'Oh, she's just a housewife, she must have not completed SPM!!'  Hahaha!

But then, so what??? Let them think whatever they wanna think, let them talk behind us, let them
Underestimate us, because after all, it's never between us and them, it's always between us and God..
Our missions in life is, to fulfill our responsibilities, to have God's blessings, to give as much love and joy as we can to our loved ones, to give the best for our children and to make them a successful person fiddunya wal akhirah, so that someday they could contribute to the Ummah.
Life is too short, live it wisely and always always be thankful with what you have...

Ps: To Siti Hajar, saya ada PTPTN yg perlu di bayar, cuma jumlah nye sangat sedikit hehehe ;)

Yesterday's activity,
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sitiezahim said...

baca ur entri rasa macam senangnya sesuatu keputusan dibuat..tak tahulah, mungkin keadaan setiap orang tak sama...huhu

ishamizu said...

hihi been there too..;) Masa kt klinik desa daftar pregnant n bkk buku pink, nurse tny keje apa, izu jwb housewife..tetiba tgk kt kelayakan tu dia terus tulis SPM..huhuhu tp izu biar je..malas nk cara..bila warded kt spital bleeding n tgu nk bsalin..ada nurse pelatih interview utk survey apa tah..patu dia kata dia kagum dgn pengetahuan izu..hahaha..may be dia tgk buku pink tu keje housewife, takat spm je kn..;P dia trus buat conclusion yg mst izu ni byk mbaca..hehehe..

Nway, choice masing2..hak masing2..yg ptg kita menghormati hak dn pilihan org lain..kan kak..? ;)

Miss Anna said...

Hajar, sy menulis dr konteks sy dan jugak dr isu yg sy di tag iaitu, 'ade degree tapi jadi housewife' dan klu mmg itu je la isu nye, x de sbb2 lain cam sy sebut kat atas, then mmg x susah keputusan tu nak dibuat :)

Izu: so true, hak masing2 kan, cuma choice kita utk jd housewife ni buatkan kita kena hadapi cabaran sket kat m'sia. Sbb kita akan dipandang rendah, klu dlm institusi kekeluargaan pulak meibi ade yg akan fikir kita menghabiskan duit suami etc etc.. Things like that yg buat kita trtekan.. Tapi biarlah, yg penting kita pastikan diri kita dan anak2 sentiasa berilmu.

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