Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A lil Tutorial..

A few people had asked so many questions bout piano, how to play it? If it's too late to learn? Or is it still possible to learn now, when we already have children, career etc etc...

My answer is, of course it's possible, anything is possible!!

For me, owning a piano and being able to play it is actually a dream come true..

And of course for those who's really into this, it's never too late.. :)

So here, I've made a lil tutorial.. 
Most people wanted to learn to play piano, but give up halfway because they often begin with children's song which is a bit discouraging for adult like us hehe..
So why not try this song instead? 
Check it out...

If some of u really wanna try, get yourself a keyboard 1st, later when u are good enough, then u can change to piano..

Here's some basics about the keys:


For those who's really interested, I'd say go for it, i'm in full support!!
I'll make the continuation of this video later  if there's a request ok ;)

Till later, salam and take care!

Anyway, here's my full version;

1 comment:

sitiezahim said...

yg tutorial tu, tangan belah kanan u tak nampak la..huhuhuhu

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