Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih.. lovely song :)

Bila dah tak de ape2 citer nak update, ini je lah update dari ku hehehehehehe!!!!
Requested by hubby.... (",)

Dun know why, lately is Indonesian songs mode, and jugak lagu2 yg dah basi tapi segar di ingatan and sedap di dengar, wait for my coming soon lagu2 basi hehe..

And, I think I should share a lil bit on how to play piano by ears.. a few people asked me how to play piano without taking music class, the answer is simple..
You must 1st have a passion for playing Piano... 
Once u have a passion, Then it'll be easier for u to play by ears.. 
mmmmm... how to have a passion? 
It's in you.. discover it!!


My dear hubby, hope u enjoy this, specially for u... (wlupun half je hehehe)..

1 comment:

sitiezahim said...

hehehe saya ada minat tp tak main2 pon..zahim ckp nasib baik tak beli piano...uwaaa

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