Monday, September 17, 2012

"You never know how strong you are, until the only option you have left is to be strong...."

Have u ever been in a situation like above?
The only situation for me, where I had to be nothing but strong, was inside the labor room..
Especially when I gave birth to Afeef (my first child), and Aleena (my third child),
and people say, the 1st always is the most painful and most difficult.. but for me, the worst pain I've ever had was when I gave birth to Aleena.. until today, i'm still a bit shaky whenever I think of that day..
So, at that time, I felt like I couldn't stand the pain, I started thinking of epidural, and a tiny voice said inside my head,
 "This is your 3rd child, shame on you if you are to ask for an epidural injection.." hehe
And when the pain was too unbearable, I begged the nurse for an epidural, but she declined, she said, "You are almost 8cm now, epidural injection is not possible at this stage.."
So, the only option left for me was to be strong...

And of course, that was only a short while, after that, all the pain was over..
How bout those who had lost their child, their loved ones in a most cruel way...?
People in Syria for example...
Just imagine, how strong they have to be....

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sitiezahim said...

alhamdulillah pengalaman bersalin izzah n arwah mudah. tp pengalaman lepas bersalin arwah yg betul la, kadang2 kita rasa dugaan kita dah teruk tp pengalaman orang lain jauh lebih teruk dr kita kan? so saya tak takut sangat pengalaman bersalin tp pengalaman mengandung dan after bersalin yg buat saya trauma hehehe...

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