Friday, January 21, 2011

GrILL gRiLL GriLL...

The other day was so tired and lazy, had ran out of ideas too on wat I should cook for the day.. 'what should I cook today, what should I cook today?" this is the typical question that keep bugging me everyday.. I bet all housewives do too..
mmm.. ok, I had pieces of chickens removed from the freezer, lets just fry them...? aaahhhh not again, and besides, we're trying to reduce fats intake! We're into a healthy eating habit (hehe ye la tu..), and we must stick to it (konon je...)
Then suddenly I had an idea, how bout a microwave grilled chicken? Heheh..
So, I smeared the chickens with some oil, honey, salts and chicken curry powder, then arranged them onto the grilling rack.

Haaa camni ok, and beautify them with pieces of onions..

Put in the microwave, use microwave plus oven mode, and cook for only 10 minutes!
I believe using an oven will take longer than this..

Once cooked, it looks like this.. it tastes good too!

Then, I topped it up with a 'sambal serai'.. yummy yummy..

I loved it!
Hey this one cooked really fast and easy.. suitable on a lazy day like this haha..


mommaholicSURI said...

Another yummy recipe from K.Nana. Yey!!:)

ishamizu said...

Betul tu kak, smpi pening pk nk masak apa! bknnya tiap2 hari rajin dtg kn..hehe..

That was a good idea KNana..yum2.. dh la tgh lapar nih!! hee.

Frau Azmir said...

Nuril: yeay yeay! yummy yummy, brtambah laa lemak di badan ku huhu, nak kena gi jogging gak nih hehe..

Izu: Ye btol izu! klu hr2 masak bnda yg sama je nnt boring kan.. so pening kan la kepala ni pk ape nak msk, tp last2 bnda yg sama gak haha! InsyaAllah, i'll post lg some new resipi yg akak tau ok.. bole la mmbanyakkan list menu kite hehe..

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