Thursday, January 27, 2011

A QUicK PLuM CaKe..

One of last year's Birthday gifts from my hubby of course, since I love baking and cooking so much, and since we're here, why not try to cook German food? Besides, I might developed a talent in making German food other than speaking their language.. hehe.. At least there's something to be kept as an extra special memory.. yeah rite..
A German cook book, about 100++ German food recipes in here.. and recently, I tried its Plum cake, oooooooh I fell in love with it straight away... serius sedap... kind of addicted to it now..

This is the Plum cake.. yummy yummy.. for those who love fruit cake, seriously this is a must try recipe..

Just taken it out from the oven..

Cut out a piece for Princess Fatini, coz she kept asking for it over and over again...

Crunchy on the top, soft in the bottom and fruity in the middle..

A pink plate, for Princess Fatini...

Problem was, it didn't look exactly the same like the one in the photo hehe.. it's ok though, I'll figure it out..

Lets check out the recipe ( hehe.. sorry la malas la nak menaip panjang2 haha):

These are the Ingredients needed:


So simple to make.... Good Luck!


Nieza said...

wah sedapnya!...kat sini buku resepi semua bahasa finnish...susah nk cari yg english.

ishamizu said...

Huwaaa nk looks so yummy! Oven rumah ni rosak la KNana..cannot do any baking..Ni ttgu2 agent dtg repair..hmm. ketidak nak beli baru je..bley bwk blk Msia kn. hihi..

Nway, pinggan Fatini pun pink eh! hihi cayalah!

sitiezahim said...

hehe leh cube ni..gegege

Frau Azmir said...

Nieza: sama la kite, kat cni pun susahnye nak carik ape2 buku pun in english. klu ade pun, skit je. klu suke fruit kek kan, mmg akan suke la kek plum nih, mesti kat finland pun bnyk buah plum kan. :)

Frau Azmir said...

Izu: hehe kek ni mmg yummy tau, tp klu org yg x suke fruit kek, they'll find this cake biase je.. akak pun bukan suke sgt fruit cake, tp sbb x tau nak wat ape ngan buah plum yg bnyk and masam, so carik la resipi.. and it turned out sedap pulak!
ye la izu, beli oven baru pun x pe, bole bwk balik m'sia, plus klu suke baking mmg berbaloi sgt2 beli oven.

hehe pinggan pink.. biase la princess Fatini kan, serba pink, ni tgh dlm process nak jadikan rambut pink pulak, coz die tengok cite "Lazy Town" tuh kan girl tu rambut pink hehe..

Frau Azmir said...

Hajar: sila cuba jgn segan.. klu ade yg x clear silalah tanye, ceh wah.. by the way, klu suke fruit cake, mmg akan suke la kek plum nih.. lgpun skrg kan bnyk buah plum, masam pulak tuh, ape lg layan la resipi German nih hehe..

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