Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Afeef's school..

This one went well too... he wasn't happy at 1st but eventually he didn't want to go home.. that was afeef's 1st day at kindergarten. he seems to enjoy it, i'm truly glad.. but i must give lots of credits to all kindergartens here in Germany.. unlike in M'sia, they are so concern about the children, the place itself is designed specifically for children, small toilets, huge playground, gymnasium, they have their own cook, and they ensure the children have none other than healthy and nutritious foods, the teachers are nice and friendly regardless of where we are from, and lots more... i'm surprise to find out that kindergarten here are all bout play play and play whereas in m'sia all bout study study study.. and kids in primary school here they have simple sylabus and they focus more on social skills, self confidence, and sense of self.. malaysia is so exam oriented that children become so stress and depress.. funny how malaysian school's syllabus seems very impressive but eventually they don't produce high quality graduates pun unlike Germany.. having learn't all this facts, no wonder many prefers to work abroad.. not to mention a very low crime rate here as compared to M'isa...***sigh***

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