Thursday, August 28, 2014

SpEciaL GirL.... (",)

Nowadays, She has this new Habit of asking:

"Fatini ada buat notty tak hari ni??" ("Have I been naughty today?")

It's been six years now since the day she was born, and I've always made doa may Allah grant me ease in raising her, and patience so that I can be a good mother to her... 
But, despite the endless doa, those tantrums never seemed to end..... ***sigh****
Perhaps it's a test for me from Allah SWT, or some sort of punnishment for me too... 

Whatever it is, it's never her fault, she's a child, an innocent child who needs love and care.. 
Free from sins....
And, not even once that I blamed her, and I've also given up raising my voice at her nor showing my anger at her, for I realized that would only made things worse.
 It's like how you try to couter a fire with a fire... 
All you'll probably get is a BLAZE!! 

In my helpless attempt to change her, many people advised me to recite certain Quranic verses to her ear while she's asleep to soften her heart. 
 But... I've never really taken this seriously... 
Until only recently that I found the courage to do this continuosly and consistently (Istiqomah) and with renewed determination I began. 

MasyaAllah, Alhamdulillah.... After a month, I noticed a lot of changes in her!
She became more obedient, no more tantrum, rajin solat, not so fussy about food anymore, etc etc....

And not to forget her daily questions now:
"Fatini ada buat notty?" (",) 
It's as if she has her own determination and courage to change herself... And she keeps asking me that question everyday as if to check if she's on track. Cute kan?? 

And when she asked this again yesterday, I told her the same thing I've always told her:
"Tak de.... Fatini baaaaaaaiiiiiikkkkkkk sangat hari ni.." Whilst planting a kiss on her forhead. (I told her she's been a good girl)
She then excitedly jumped and went away and immediately Aleena came to me and said quietly:
"Tu sebab Mama banyak baca doa la tu... Masa tido tu......" (She told me it must be those doa that changed Fatini)

Waahhhhh!! How clever that she could relate that!!! 

Yeah, that's what I've been doing anyway....... I've been reciting certain Quranic verses to Fatini's ear every night now witnessed by Aleena coz Fatini always the first to go to bed every night. It's been a month now and the results were amazing... Alhamdulillah... Seriously she has changed a lot. 

And the question is, WHY NOW? 
I've known about this cure for a problematic child long ago, but how come I've never been determined enough to do it consistently...??
Was I doubting the Quran????

The answer is, NO NO NO I've never doubted the Quran, but I've always had doubts in myself... 
That's why...

I thought it could never work for a person like me... 

Actually, Allah will always help no matter who you are as long as you have faith in Allah SWT. And most importantly, when you start, make sure it's not just 'hangat- hangat taik ayam' hehehe... 
That's what happened to me before too hehehe... 

So, let me share what I've been reciting to her every night when she's asleep:
  ~~ Al-Fatihah
  ~~ Ayat Kursi
  ~~ Al-Isra: 82 (3 times)
  ~~ Selawat (5 times)
  ~~ At-Taha (1-5) --> This was suggested by my mother in-law. 
  ~~ Lastly, zikir "Ya Latif, ya Kahfi..." (You can google this up)

 The last step is : Istiqomah. (",)

I'll keep doing this insyaAllah...... and if anyone wants to do the same for your kid, my advice is, never ever give up if it takes a while before you see results. Just Have faith in Allah. (",)

So..... Not only that she became a good girl now, her talent in drawing also boosts!!!
Check it out (",)

In case you are wondering who these are... 


Haaaaaaaaaa do they look alike? Boleh la kan hehe..

Sama kan??? :D 
This is my favorite :-)

Haaaaaa... I myself find all these impressive!!!
 Call me 'perasan' or whatever haha but I really think Fatini is talented!

She must have at all times a tiny book and a pencil, and she would start drawing wherever, whenever she could!!!!
And I have to make sure to buy a new book once the one she's using is about to finish :-)

I think I just detect another talented person in the house other than Fatini...
I guess you knew already who drew this???? hehehe.....
For a 4 year old, I think this is impressive too.... 
But, she kept saying with a 'Tak puas hati tone':
"Kenapa tak cantik macam Fatini lukis???? Aleena nak buang dalam tong sampah...." :D

Till later, Salam....



sitiezahim said...

Saya pon baru cuba kat lea. Tp al fatihah, ayat qursi, 3 qul then ckp slow kat telinga dia.. Tiup kat ubun2... :)

Miss Anna said...

Teruskan usaha... Tambah baca Al-Isra 82 kalau dia selalu degil. Ini yg Rasulullah baca kat siapa, x ingat, tapi emi pernah share kat grup tadarus, memang khas utk lembutkan hati yg degil. And At-Taha tu mak mertua sy dah lama amalkan, dia cakap selain lembutkan hati anak, hati kita sendiri pun jadi lembut, tak mudah rasa marah kat anak2 lagi. Amazing kan? InsyaAllah moga sentiasa istiqomah. (",)

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