Friday, August 8, 2014


It was 3pm, and I was about to doze off.... When suddenly.....

"Mama mama mama, tengok ni, Fatini nak cerita kat mama." (She has a story to tell me)

 Oh my, my eye lids were heavy, but I forced them open anyway....

Still sleepy, I looked at her drawing this time with a lil faked enthusiasms :P 

She makes comic book nowadays, with her own imaginations, her own ideas, and then I'm forced to listen to all her stories, errrrrrr wait, it wasn't just me, all of us had to listen to her stories! But, I was always the first one (",)

Ok, what story is it this time?

So, she talked and talked, it's about a rocket and planets and the galaxy and the sun and............

Oh, my eyes went wide all of a sudden, all the sleepiness drained away.. I noticed how she drew the planets in such order..... and EARTH was the third one?

The huge red ball is the sun, followed by two other planets she forgot the names and the third one is the Earth!! I asked her how did she know this arrangement? 
Shrugging, she said, "Fatini tau sendiri...." (I just knew)

Wow, I'm impressed, even if it's merely coincidence that she drew the planets in that order (",)

She must've seen it somewhere, maybe in a book, or TV, and Fatini is someone with strong memories. Mmmmmm... And I think she's talented too.. This runs in the family anyway hehe, we've got a Cartoonist in our family tree. (",) 
Ok, feeling proud now..... Enough enough enough.... Hehe...

Alhamdulillah for all gifts from Allah SWT,  may her talents contribute to the Ummah someday, insyaAllah.

Ok, when she finished, I became wide awake!

And later, about after Asar, I've planned to read a little and managed to read very little before suddenly...

"Mama, hari ni Afeef belajar sejarah pasal zaman Paleolitik......Mesolitik....Neolitik... Zaman logam... Mama tau tak zaman Paleolitik tu orang hidup dalam gua..... Bla bla bla.... Berburu.... Bla bla bla... Tak de baju.... Bla bla bla bla bla......"  (He talked about what he'd learned in history class earlier)

And there he gave me a lecture..... A real lecture.... And I was forced to listen to all these!! Again! Haha!!!

So, I put down what I was reading, concentrate on his 'Lecture', and surprisingly, I found it quite interesting hehe.. I found myself asking him questions! 
And he memorized everything he'd learned in school, he's really into History, he just love the subject. Alhamdulillah, good for him, coz I couldn't remember myself having had such interest in any of the subjects I'd learned back in school! 
Mmmmmmm.... Silly me...

So, he talked and talked and talked, and when he finished, I felt like I've just attended a History class :D
Then he said, "Ok mama, Afeef nak cerita kat Fatini pulak... " (He said it's Fatini's turn now) hahahaha!

And all the response he got from her:
"Bosan lah Afeef... Isshhhh Fatini x faham ape cerita Afeef ni!!"
(She said it's boring and she didn't understand a thing!!!) :D

And I laughed quietly... Hehe...

So, that was it, being a stay at home mom, I hardly have time for myself, no afternoon nap, no reading, no day dreaming.... Etc etc.... and guess what???
I don't mind a bit..... (",)

Till later, Assalamualaikum wbt....

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