Sunday, August 3, 2014

HaPPy BiRThDaY To ME!!!!!

Oh my..... Yesterday, 2nd of August 2014 was my 34th Birthday!!
I've concluded that I can never have a better Birthday than the one I had yesterday!
Wait wait wait! Actually, I've said the same thing last year too :P
Okay, okay, okay......

If last year I've received a surprise birthday gift from hubby and it was during Ramadhan, this year I've received another surprise birthday gift again!!!!!!!
 But this time, it's far better, it's not just from Hubby, it's also from.....


I'm speechlessssss!!!!!
They are just so sweet!!! I was so close to tears, but I had to control myself because... 
There were lots of people around at that time and I can't lose control like I had last year hehe :P

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......! Haaaaaaaaaa!
Again, it was totally unexpected.... Hubby told me earlier that this year's Birthday gift for me was supposed to be our Umrah together that we've planned to perform during the last 10 days of Ramadhan. But, it had to be postponed, so I did not expect anything for my birthday this year because his plan to bring me there was already a huge gift :)

But, to my surprise, hubby had planned another surprise for me! And the best part was, the kids joined in too! They've even shared their 'Duit Raya' to get me that cute teddy bear I'm holding in the pic above! Owwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhh..... They've shared their 'duit raya' for my birthday gift?????.

How sweet is that???? I can't stop smiling the whole day today whenever I thought of yesterday at their effort and how I didn't notice that they're up to something when they've clustered together at the mall, whispering, and how after they've got the present they tried hard to cover it haha!!!! But, it did not occur to me at all that it was my present haha!!!!

Oh.... I was soooooooooooooo touched!! 
I hugged them all 'ketat-ketat'!!!! 
Love them all with all my heart.... :') 
I feel blessed! 

That was the surprise I had in the evening. In the morning, my sister bought a cake..... Sob sob sob....
And the kids got all excited and Fatini cut the cake on my behalf hehe.. Actually, they took turns to cut the cake :D 
It's basically everyone's birthday hehe..

One of the best Aidilfitri I've ever had, at my mom's home at my mother in law's home, all was just perfect... I feel LOVED :)

I couldn't be happier this Aidilfitri :)

Haaaaaaaaaaa..... Macam popular tak?? :D

Till Later, Assalamualaikum wbt... :D

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ishamizu said...

Assalamualaikum kak Nana

Happy birthday! May Allah bless you always..:)

Bestnya dapat all the presents and being around all your beloveds especially during Hari Raya..;) So bless kan! So bila akk nak gi umrah? Nti doakan ktrg dapat jd tetamuNya jg one day k. Take care and hugs! :)

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