Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 THinGs I DoNt HaTe BoUt U...

Other than the weather which I truly hate, there are lots of other far better things here in Germany... for instance;
1---> I don't have to worry bout stray cats, no more stray cats on my doorstep which means no more buying cat food, no more unbearable odor from their waste...
2---> No stray dogs, and I can go for a walk or jog anywhere I like without worrying bout them ;)
3---> I can go out alone without worrying bout snatch theft.
4---> No daily bathing required wahahaha!! The kids bath only once a week! This saves my time!
5---> I only cook once in one day, everyone is just so used to eating other foods like the bread which are found excessively in the Market and also cereals too.. They have a huge range of cereals here available in the market.
6---> Foodstuffs are extremely cheap here, we can buy a cup of yogurt with only a few cents, and usually a trolley full of foodstuffs cost no more than 50euro.
7---> The people are so nice here, they are highly civilized, once I was standing by the roadside, and a huge Garbage pick up truck passed by and it came to a halt as soon as the driver noticed several people were waiting by the roadside to get across. The driver was an old and friendly looking guy. I stared at him admiringly for his kindness and sensing that someone was looking at him, he turned my way, saw me and raised his hand with the most sincere smile I've ever seen in my whole life! This is no exaggeration, this was how I really felt at the moment. I doubt this will ever happen in Malaysia. It's a lorry driver i'm talking bout here! I bet those from Malaysia knew what kind of a lorry driver we have there in Malaysia. The point I'm trying to highlight here is that they are nice people to everyone regardless of your religion, wealth and etc etc..
8---> The other thing which I enjoyed so much here is being with my friends in Deutsch class. They remind me of those friends I used to have in Sunway college.. nice and true frens, We helped each other without expecting anything in return. Unfortunately, I've lost contact with most of them.. Anyway, I feel like I'm given the 2nd chance here to have that kind of friendship again, they are not only friends to hang out with but also whom I can get a bit personal with..
9---> Above all else, life is so at ease here..
10---> But, no matter how at ease life is here, arguments are bound to ensue between me and my little Fatini of course.. *sigh** kecik2 lagi dah suka argue2 ngan mama.. nak pakai seksi la time sejuk2 nih, nak main hairdryer la, nak main air kat toilet la, nak beli barbie baru la wlupun barbie dah ade 6 ketul x cukup2, etc etc... macam2 laaa..


sitiezahim said...

haha..btol la ana..mmg in some parts germany is better than malaysia..hehe..tayah risau kene copet, stokin baby jatuh pon dia kejar hantar kat kite..:D

faizati said...

oh i bought a new 'princess set' for Fatini to replace the make up set which had gone missing mysteriously... complete dgn crown and other things... nice one, thought she would like it. But now have to wait for tok to send ok!

Frau Azmir said...

hehe kakti, mak dah cite sumenye, from ur description i'm sure this 'princess set' is exactly the same one or similar to the one yg die nak kat toysrus, but cam biase x beli pun hehe.. TQ.. hopefully this time die dapat la, tp x cite pun kat die takut jd cam haritu huhu..

Hajar, bnyk yg best dari x best.. cuma sy x tahan musim sejuk ni.. klu sume family saya nak dok germany ni, confirm sy x teringin nak bali M'sia dah wahahahaha!

sitiezahim said...

hahaha btul2..bes gak dok sini..layan aje selagi berkesempatan kan??

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