Friday, December 17, 2010

This One's for YOU...

I was staring out the window, dazzled by the beautiful sight a snowflakes could produced. It's been a year, can't believe it's been a year.. Just two weeks away from a new year, a brand new year, a brand new start, 'no one culd go back and make a brand new start, but everyone culd start from now and make a brand new ending..' ceh wah bermadah pulaks..
Again, I reminisced bout our 1st few days here... we had rented an apartment but we culdn't moved in yet due to some unavoidable problems. So we had to stay temporarily at a friend's home here, the only Malaysian family, non other than Kak Azie and family.. By the time we reached their place, we were so exhausted.. but k.azi had done her best for us, she had bathed afeef who had been vomiting throughout the journey. She had been so concerned bout me if I were to climb the few steps that led to her bath tub.. (special sgt bathroom nye, nak masuk bath tub pun kena climb tagga.. hehe) and I was pregnant at the time... after Afeef was done grooming, she had helped dressed him up, with her son's clothes and put him in bed so he could rest.. and she had prepared a very delicious lunch + dinner for us.. we were definitely hungry, and we had a nice sambal sotong, kari ayam and sayur kot.. hehe lupe la.. But I distinctly remember sambal sotong and kari ayam..
We had stayed at their house for 3 days, and even though I had a hard time adapting to the new environment and weather, her friendliness had made me feel at ease.. Not just that, She had even provide the guest room with one single bed which I later realized was her son's. All because I was pregnant, and she didn't want me sleeping on the floor and she wanted me to feel comfortable.. owwwhhh sooo sweet of her... I guess I never thanked her for this..
Later, when we were finally able to move into our own apartment, she was the one showing us all the grocery stores, the asian shop and where we culd find halal restaurant and food. Because of her, I was able to cook 'masak lemak cili api ikan patin' hehe which I craved for so much! Ingat lagi how afeef kept asking for nasik dgn telur dgn kicap... so when papa had the chance to buy all the food stuffs, he bought everything, rice, eggs, milk, juice, pinggan, kuali, etc etc but he forgot one of the most important thing, 'minyak masak'! so, I had to fry the egg without oil.. tapi afeef hepi je makan, asalkan telur hehe..
So, to kak Azie, if u are reading this, Million thanx to u and family...

Hahahah.. comei x fatini? ni aunty Azie la yg ambik gmba ni masa kat umah die..

Ni hari kedua kot di rumah kak Azie yg sungguh baik hati ;) oopsss k.azi ni bukan bodek ok..

Bersama anak2 kak azi, Alya and Haziq. Adorable and smart kids.. sronok tau klu sembang2 ngan Alya nih, pok pek pok pek cam afeef gaks.. ;)

Geng se Malaysia.. yg di sebelah ku itu la Kak azie, yg di sebelah hubby ku itu suami nya.. mereka ini sungguh baik hati.. moga kami akan terus berhubung sampai lama2 nnt even bile dah balik Malaysia nnt.. and they are expecting a new family member.. x sabar nak tengok baby :)

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sitiezahim said...

hehe..tuh la kita di negara orang ni saling tolong-menolong..kita pon bukan ada sapa dah kan..tuh aje la kawan musuh sedara segala-galanye..hehe

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