Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AGaiN FaTiNi's StoRy...

Ok, today she had an argument with me, I was busy doing my Deutsch Homework, and she disliked that, and she kept distracting me, and she loved delaying me with my homework.. so today she wanted a milk in Aleena's bottle.. The bottle was too small, I knew if i use this bottle then she wouldn't have enough and would request for more and I'd have to leave my homework again, and prepare another round of milk for her.. so I told her "NO, botol Aleena kecik sgt"
but she won't accept "NO" for an answer, I must use other approach with her like "Jgn la guna botol aleena, Princess x minum susu kat botol kecik tau.." but this time it didn't work..
She wouldn't budge and insisted on having her milk in this bottle, and I realized no point arguing with her, so I gave in..
The thing is with her now, she wants everything that belongs to Aleena.. even when she has a far better stuffs for herself.. that purple cloth on her hair is actually Aleena's shawl.. I bought that together with baby's mitten and a hat. Aleena hadn't had the chance to use any of it! The shawl now has become her artificial hair! hahah! She has this on her hair all the time.. Ntah ape2 ntah..

This is another story... They have this in Town every Winter, so Afeef was really into this. Fatini was excited at first but something along the way had made her scared... Thank goodness they stopped shortly after she started crying..

At first...

Then Suddenly...



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