Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Funny funny..

As usual, the first thing Fatini would do every morning after afeef was off to kindergarten, she would switched the television on, and watched her favorite cartoons, (Ummi zoomi, Backyardigans, Nihao kailan, Dora the explorer, Emily Erdbeer etc etc..) Not only that she enjoyed the cartoons, but the commercials too especially Barbie commercials!
This morning, as she was watching the Barbie commercial, featuring Barbie in a princess dress, so totally engrossed by it, she took off her pant and kept saying 'mama, nak wee wee, mama, nak wee wee...' but her eyes were still fixed on the tv screen. Amused, i just watched her fidgeting in front of the tv fighting the urge to urinate.
Couldn't hold it any longer, she switched off the tv, and said ' fatini x tahan nak wee wee, tutup la tv ni sbb fatini x nak trlepas iklan barbie princess..'
So i took her to the toilet and after she's done, she quickly ran to the tv and switched it on again.. and surprised to find that the Barbie Princess commercial is no longer on the screen..
'eh, mana iklan barbie princess td?!!!' she asked, obviously puzzled.. hehe
Funny, this reminds me of my own self, when i was a little girl, i used to think i could pause the telivision show if i switched the tv off. and i'd always wonder how those people in the tv got in ther in the 1st place.. i would imagine breaking the screen and took those little people out and played with them.. klakar laa jd budak2 heheh..

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sitiezahim said...

tu la kat sini mmg byk betul iklan toys..huhu..mencabar iman kanak2 btol hihi

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