Sunday, November 21, 2010

Another brekfes with Hubby's curry..

I'm a curry lover, yummy yummy... today hubby prepared the breakfast for all of us again.. another round of roti canai and a specially made chicken curry.. still was tasty as the one we had before but a little bit too spicy.. not so suitable for the kids.. but I loved it!

This is why I love my hubby so much.. ok la, not just for the curry, for everything else too.. hehehe

Fruhstuck wir zusammen hehehe... tu je la yg pandai kot nak tulis german nih hehehe


sitiezahim said...

besnye roti canai..hehe bule la buat special request bila kami ke sana..;-)

Frau Azmir said...

hahaha, mmg dah plan nak wat roti canai camni ms hajar nak dtg hrtu. azme dah siap practice2 lg hehe.. x de laa, klu hajar dtg ritu kitorang nak wat nasik lemak daun pisang. x pe, nxt time bole dtg and kami wat roti canai lg k, and bole gi dinosor park same2 :)

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