Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A GirL WiTh LoTs of ReaSoNs..

Never had an experience dealing with a little girl full of reasons before.. that girl none other than Fatini Az-Zahra! Afeef is a very obedient boy, i've never had problems with him before, often when i coaxed him to do something he disliked, he would still do it, hesitantly but without any excuse. Fatini on the other hand has got lots of excuses with her.
Lately, she starts having trouble again with her bowel habit, she goes to toilet once in three days, that's the sign of constipation. She refuses to eat any kind of fruits, she'll create her own reasons for not wanting it.. "apple masam la, banana x sedap la, anggur ade sayur la", ntah ape2 alasan..
so I warned her, "kalau x nak makan nnt sakit bontot!"
and then she'd reply, " x pe, nnt fatini teran je, kuat2 teran"
but sometimes 'it' just gets so hard that even when she pushes so hard 'the thing' won't come out and i have to use my finger to force 'it' out! believe it or not.. so when that happens she'll feel scared and start asking for fruits! but the trauma is only for one day! the next day she'll forget, and her usual self emerges again. Today she said no to an apple, so I tried to remind her of the consequences if she doesn't want it, and i told her "nanti jadi macam hari tu dah teran kuat2 pun x kuar jugak , haaa nak wat camne?"
"X pe, nanti mama korek bontot fatini.."
Seeeeee, am i rite when i say she's a girl full of reasons?


My Precious Life said...

hoho..sama mcm hannan..byk sangat reason dia klu nak suruh buat ape2pun..especially bab makan!

Frau Azmir said...

hehehe.. ini syndrom budak2 umur 2 years++ kot.. macam2 kan, geram jadi nye..

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