Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ther's no such thing as a coincidence??

'Everything happen for a reason, not merely coincidence..'
This was said by Dato' Dr. Fadilah Kamsah when my hubby attended one of his talks. Really? No coincidence? Though it may seems like a coincidence, but actually it's not, and for everything that happened, there's a reason behind it..

Incident 1:
My hubby told me once, as he was waiting for the bus at the bus stop of course, he was talking to his friend, and he noticed one German guy kept looking at him. Clueless, my hubby just ignored him. Once in the bus, this german guy came to him and asked wher's he from. When my hubby said "Malaysia", the Guy instantly asked "Apa kabar?"
Wow, it was shocking to me, but i was even more surprised to learn that the guy had once lived in KUANTAN! Of all the places in Malaysia! What a coincidence!!?? but ther's no coincidence rite??

Incident 2:
My lovely Deutsch classmate, she's from Thailand, a very very kind person, had prepared a Thai dish for me and a home made jelly, and I haven't had the chance to do anything for her.. anyway, on the 2nd day of class, she'd approached me and said she was so excited to know that I was from M'sia, and can't wait to talk to me coz she had once lived in Malaysia for a year I think... Then I asked her, "Which part of Malaysia?" guess what!!?? "KUANTAN" again! Why was she here for then? She's married to a German guy.. her husband had just transferred from Kuantan to German. So basically, we've reached German bout the same time in June, and had been living in Kuantan approximately the same time as well but never knew each other, who knows, maybe we might have bumped into each other wyle we were living in Kuantan! What a coincidence! But.. ther's no such thing rite?

Incident 3:
This happened only recently.. my hubby kept bumping into a Bosnian guy, 3 times, 1st when hubby and afeef went for 'Aidil Adha Prayer' at the mosque here, 2nd at the University and third i'm not sure where, maybe the mosque too. Bumping into the same guy consecutively was already something I would call coincidence, but to know that he was IIUM Alumni!! I was thrilled even though he's not from an Engineering department, but we used to be in the same university!

So, if ther really was no coincidence, then ther must be a reason for all 3 incidents though i have yet no idea what it was!

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