Monday, November 15, 2010

FaTiNi & ChOcoLaTe..

always stuck in a situation like this: Fatini is not suppose to have chocolate in her diet.. it wuld makes her stools hard and difficult to pass. i tried to minimize chocolate in her diet and encourage more drinking. but sometimes i was helpless.. she's hungry at the same time i had to breastfeed aleena, so i wuld ask her to wait a while before i culd get her meal for her, but she couldn't wait and settled for a supposedly (one je) chocolate wyle i was feeding aleena. but once aleena's done, she'd already finished a few bars of chocolate. ***sigh***


masz said...

jgn beli lansg coklat xbole?jgn ada stok kat umah pon...neli xberpa minat suka gula2...bende yg samala kan..merosakkan gigi..huhuh

Frau Azmir said...

coklat kat cni murah, jd bapak nye yg x tahan, trbeli gak. tp yg tu salu sorok, cuma nye ade member dtg br nih, bwk bnyk coklat, so die dah nmpak and tu yg x dpt kawal diri tuh.. hehe

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