Monday, November 8, 2010

Why BoTheR AskiNg..

Today as i was busy with the house chorus, Fatini came to me with 4 different colors of balloons, pink, blue, orange and purple and asked me to chose which one i want. ok, so i knew pink was her color, but since she asked for me to chose, i said "pink".
"pink x bole, fatini punye.."
"ok... klu camtu mama nak blue la.."
"mmmm... blue pun x bole, blue untuk abg afeef.."
oooookaaayyy... ther's only two colors available.. orange and purple...
"kalau camtu mama nak oren laaa, oren bole?"
frowning she said, "tapi oren x bole jugak, oren aleena punye..."
"aiittt, sume balloon x bole nih, mana satu yg bole?"
"ok, purple bole.. purple untuk mama.."
why'd she even bother asking in the 1st place when she'd actually decided that purple was for momma!! aiiiyyoo..


My Precious Life said...

haha..budak2 skg ni pandai sgt bercakap kak..dorang kdg2 xtau apa yg dorang cakapkan..kdg2 fun bila layan dorang melalut2

My Precious Life said...
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