Thursday, November 25, 2010

SnOwY ThURsDaY...

It's snowy today, fuuuhh, not so excited bout it anymore.. We are stronger now in a sense that we don't need the heater as much as we did last winter.. especially Fatini who remains the strongest! she has on her only one piece of clothes day and nite even when she has runny nose hehe.... perhaps thats the reason why her runny nose remain the way it is..
Ok, not so much of a story to tell, as I'm always occupied on Thursday and Tuesday, doing Deutsch homework of course hehehe. My classes are on these days. Anyway, I just wanna share this gud book with everyone..
I'd suggest to all parents to buy this book, it's a very good guidance for them.. I bought this in Malaysia, and only started reading it recently.. I shuld've read it earlier.. but it's never too late for anything..

Ok, just a lil bit on Afeef's cookies making day.. As usual he'd tell me every single thing he did at kindergarten.. Yesterday he baked cookies, he had a trip to town wif his frens and teachers so probably they were at the bakery and each student had an opportunity to get involved in cookies making.. he gets to chose his desired shape for the cookies and sprinkle them with colorful sugary beads.. mmm cute.. and the best thing was, he presented this as a 'gift' to momma... hehehe..

Not bad for a 6 year old!

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