Friday, November 12, 2010

Deutsch, deutsch, deutsch... sigh..

Ok, now that i've been learning Deutsch for 2 months, I finally have the confidence to go anywhere, any shops alone except clinic. i still need my hubby for this, coz he speaks much better and understands better. Buying stuffs need not communication and conversation. Nevertheless, i did apply a few things that i've learnt! a few times when the DHL guy or woman came over to deliver stuffs, and some of them were just super nice trying to create a conversation, and I would ask,
"Sprichst du English?" (that means do u speak english?)
and then the usual answer would be
"Nein, nicht English" (no English).. and then the usual attitude of the German people, they would carry on talking in Deutsch even though it was pretty obvious that i did not understand what they were saying haha! so what i did most of the times, i would say,
"Tut mir leid, ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch" (i'm sorry, i speak very little Deutsch)..
There was once, when i was in the supermarket, only me, fatini and aleena, at that time I had only learnt numbers in Deutcsh up to 20. One old woman came to me with something in her hand, and she started talking in Deutsch and pointing at the price , i couldn't quite comprehend at first wat she's trying to say, but then i culd just simply predicted wat it was bout: she forgot her glasses and she couldn't see the price written there clearly, and she's old, and obviously her sight was not good, so she needed me to tell her the price! so I asked her,
"das preis...??" she nodded, and I saw it's written "80cent" but oh me gosh! how do i say it in Deutsch!!?? damn it!
But thank goodness i've learnt some basics, so i said to her,
"Einen moment bitte.." (a moment please..) and i called my hubby hahahaha!!! just to ask him how do i say 80cent in Deutsch! Then I told her proudly hehehe
"achtzig cent".. she thanked me, perhaps not only for the favor but also for the effort and she was so sweet, she could just asked other Deutsche around instead of wasting her time waiting for me.. hehehe
Meanwhile, at home everyone is speaking Deutsch.. Afeef speaks the most... Fatini speaks only few.. the other day, I asked her
"Was macht du Fatini?" (what are u doing fatini)
she replied " Ich bin Fatini.." (I am Fatini) hehe
I asked again, "Mochtest du eine banane?" (do want a banana?)
she replied "Ich bin Fatini.." (I am Fatini) hehe
I asked "was hast du gesagt Fatini?" (what did u say?)
A moment of silence... "Ich habe keine ahnung..." (that means, I have no idea) hahahaha!
ok, that's the only two sentences she knew other than "tut mir leid (i'm sorry) and Entschuldigung (excuse me).. which she learnt from cartoon.. hehehe. she even made her own song, check this out..

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Ajzie said...

wahhhhh fatini dah pandai ckp Deutsch laaaa.. Toll Fatini.. toll

Auntie Azi

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