Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A LiL BiT of HeRe AnD TheRe...

Finally what Afeef has been waiting for, arrived two days ago, but unfortunately I was charged with 25euro tax! What the heck! thats waaaayy too much for a tax.. I can get lots of other stuffs with 25euro, a trolley full of food stuffs, beverages, I can even buy 3 Barbie Dolls with that 25euro hahaha!! **sigh** nevertheless, it was worth it coz Afeef loved the Lego sooooo much!!
Check it out..

Cool isn't it? This robot can transform into a car, just like Transformers.

Thank you Aunty Tie. While Afeef was all smiley and goofy happy, Fatini had the hard time accepting the idea that her Toy had not yet arrived! haha..Actually, my sister had bought for both Afeef and Fatini a birthday gift, and Fatini knew bout it, but she didn't wait for the gift to arrive as much as afeef did.. due to unavoidable error, my brother who did the posting, culdn't include Fatini's toy in the package but instead he put in Barbie bangle. Having a strong memory as she is, she recalled bout what i told her, and started asking for her 'make up' set that was supposed to be in the package as well... poor girl, i felt sooo bad, coz i've never ever lied to her... i had to comfort her and thank goodness ther's the bangle, at least she had something..

And she has this doll, but u know kids, even when they av million new toys, they'd still claim for the one that we had promised them. Especially Fatini who never forgets easily.. hehe
Anyway, this doll is called Britney, I bought it for only 3euro, and it is a high quality plastic doll.. and her face looks a lil bit like Britney Spears... Lets have a closer look...

Yeah?? That's why the name was Britney.. Lets see again how long this Britney Doll wuld survive with her clothes on.. hehehe

Ok, this is another story.. We were suppose to go for a skating last Saturday, but ended up as a spectator.. They held it at a different place this time but way bigger, and we had to look for the place and it was cold, and basically we were late... we reached ther at bout 2pm, and they'r gonna av a break at 3pm.. so it wuld be a waste of money if we paid for only 1 hour skating.. But it's ok, insyaAllah we'll make it next wekend...

Afeef, as usual, not so excited bout this..

Ther's a Dinasour Park nearby actually, and we've never been ther.. This dinasour here was just an indicator of the nearby park.... but the park was closed due to Winter season. Maybe next summer we'll make it to the park..

I couldn't snap both Afeef and Fatini's foto here, coz Fatini screamed at the top her lungs at the sight of this Dinasour hehehe... To come near it??? Forget it!!

Cool isn't it..??

Now, a bit bout Fatini, she loved posing for the camera.. look at her eyes, She put on some eye shadows, but actually it wasn't really eye shadow.. it was a pen..

This is Fatini doing gymnastics, check out the flexibility, and her pink skirt, she looks like a girl in a belle class.. i'm planning to register her for gymnastics or belle class here.. she seems so into them..

Ok, a lil bit bout Aleena, she's getting smarter, and nowadays she'd only wanted to sleep on my lap. Once I put her in her court, she'd open her eyes.. fuuuuhhh, dat's fine with me actually if i didn't have anything else to do!!

I wonder why she loved this orange so much, she just held it in her hand like that..

She loves Aleena always...

One of every Saturday activities; they get to play any game they want in mama's computer.. but somebody was too nosy...

hahahaha, tengok la betapa busy body nyer Aleena.. her new skill, BUSY BODYING hehehe


sitiezahim said...

haha byknye citer..tatau nak komen mana satu..:P
skating ngan park tuh dekat kaiserslauten ke? nampak menarik..ngeh ngeh

Frau Azmir said...

ha'ah, dekat sini je.. skating ni tiap2 winter ade.. dinasor park ni tutup waktu winter, x sempat lg nak gi.. nnt klu u all dtg cni kite gi same2 ok.. heheh

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