Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flohmarkt Again..

Finally after 4 months, we made it to flohmarkt! unfortunately, it was rainy the moment we reached there hahaha.. however, it wasn't that disappointing coz we've got what we were looking for.. that was probably the last flohmarkt for the time being, and i'm glad we made it even though we were all soaking wet on our way home. ok, what the heck, we knew the weather forecast said that it was going to rain on saturday, but still we forgot to bring along our umbrella! And because of the rain, we couldn't spend so much time there...

Inside the train, ape yg fatini dok malu sgt nih... hehehehe ntah ape2 la fatini nih..

X abis2 malu nih, meh kite tengok kat sapa yg die malu sgt ni??

Oh, itu la, Aunty Azie and Uncle Akmal. They are the only Malaysian family here in Kaiserslautern.. They are our friend, our neighbor, and our family.. so, how is it possible for fatini to feel shy?? ngengade la tu hehhehe..

Aleena pun shy gak ke?? hik hik hik... Uncle Akmal ni nak practice coz x lama lg nak dapat baby lg, but aleena x sporting langsung... too baddd..

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