Friday, October 29, 2010


Couldn't think straight the whole day today as my mind keep drifting back to this morning's tragedy.. yeah i must say it was a tragedy.. i must write this story as a reminder to everyone. This morning, as i was busy preparing breakfast for Fatini, I left her in the dining area with Aleena.. i knew i couldn't count on her to look after Aleena, thats why i always made sure that they were both within my sights.. but i can't observe them every seconds.
so, wat happened was, as my attention was diverted to my cooking, the mischievous Fatini put a huge pillow right on Aleena's face, and then she lie on top of the pillow, leaving Aleena breathless under the pillow!! when i realized wat was happening, i rushed to them of course, but the sights of Aleena struggling under the pillow and how suffocated she seemed when i removed the pillow from her face torment me. I could be just in time to save her from suffocation!
To all mothers, never ever leave your baby and a child below 3 years old without frequent observations!

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