Sunday, October 10, 2010

x abis lagi citenye...

Fatini pun join same main hehe

Cute kan...

Afeef is ready to throw the ball! did he hit the target?

Tak tau nape, but org Jerman mmg suke main ketuk2 paku camni..

Aleena pun nak main hehe

hei hei, wats that all bout?

Ohhh rupe2 nye ni kawan afeef, "wat's his name afeef?" , "alamak afeef x tau laa.. main je sama2.." huhu. They couldn't stop chasing each other, I had to stop them from running to snap this photo but dun know how to say it in Deutsch, so I said, "Stop, stop!!" dats why the boy looks puzzled. heheh..

Oh Fatini sronoknye, sampai x nak balik...
Tengah syok2 main, datang boy cute ni nak join main ngan fatini, but he speaks in Deutsch as usual, so Fatini wat x layan je... hehe

Muke x nak balik

Inside Afeef's classroom...

Ade je game budak2 ni nak main.. Fatini wat cam rumah die sendiri je..

Aleena pun happy sesangat! Below is what we had for lunch, other than that they had only sosej and beef, takut x halal ler.. nevertheless these roti keras are so famous here! they tasted good!

Happy smile as we headed home :)

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