Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trip to IKEA

On the way to IKEA, it's a long journey, it took us 3 hours++, from our doorstep to IKEA. We had to take a bus from our place to the Train station, 1 hour journey via train to Mannheim, a bigger city compared to Kaiserslautern, then we had to travel half an hour via Tramp to another bus station, and took another bus straight to IKEA.. tiresome yet awesome..

Fatini at the Train station, waiting for the train.. it was cold...

Inside the train, they had a good time, still full of energy..

Mannheim, a beautiful city, we've been here twice but still haven't had the chance to explore further..

Inside the Tramp, Afeef grew tired, he kept asking" when are we gonna reach IKEA??"
"Kalau kat M'sia kejap je dah sampai.. nape kat sini lama sgt ek?" hehehe, poor Afeef...

Fatini as usual, her composure maintained, enjoying the beautiful scenery.. and most importantly, smile fatini smile!

That's the IKEA, I snapped this photo from inside the bus, couldn't get a clearer picture, as we were always rushing.. but the building looks the same anywhere around the world I supposed..

This is the exact same tent they used to play at their grandma's home in Malaysia.. See, they adore the tent so much, and they just sat and played in there as they reminisced bout the fun they used to have with their cousins back in M'sia.. ***sigh*** i miss those moments too...

This is one of the item we bought in IKEA, i've always wanted to buy this since long time ago, but thinking of the possibility of it becoming a hiding place for the 'cicak', i changed my mind. but here, no more 'cicak'! yeay!

Pink Disney's princess vs. Spongebob blankets.. they were buried inside these blankets, sound asleep, exhausted from the long trip to IKEA..

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