Friday, October 22, 2010

A very special mug..

This is the 1st thing we bought upon our safe arrival at Frankfurt Airport last winter.. actually, it was an accident, the mug was sold together with a chocolate, it was presented in a very attractive manner that would obviously attract children to it. One of the children happened to be Fatini.. she went straight to it, grabbed it, and refused to let go.. i tried to snatch it from her, but she screamed at the top of her lung, and everyone's attention was diverted to us.. one old woman glared at me, probably thinking that i'd hurt my daughter or something.. I still remember all this vividly.. i never realized until later that those elderly here are mostly children lovers.
Accidently, Fatini dropped the mug to the floor, and it cracked. Then we informed the cashier of the incident and asked him how much it cost. Beaming, he just asked us to leave it, we didn't have to pay for anything, unless if we want a new mug.. oh great! so we paid, couldn't remember how much it was, and we got a new mug! German people are nice huh!?

She just loves to be cuddled and kissed..

A light snow has formed, winter is on the way... can't believe it's almost a year now...

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