Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fatini's new Dolls!

Lets see how long these dolls can last with their clothes on.. hehehe.. These dolls are special, not only that they are Disney's Princesses, I'm sure everyone is aware of that, but they were only 5euro each. The cheapest yet high quality plastic sort-of barbie doll.. There were also Snow white and Belle form Beauty and The Beast. I bought the pink one (from Sleeping Beauty) first, thought it could be made from low quality plastic, coz the price was so cheap. Then, we bought another two (Cinderella and Mermaid) once we realized of its quality. I tried looking for Snow White and Belle as well, but unfortunately they've been sold out. Looks like i'm the one into these dolls rather than Fatini herself hehehe... but it's ok, what could happen to these dolls is fearsome to behold.. hehe.. the more she has, the more disaster there will be kih kih.. already she had put on an additional make-up on the mermaid's face...
you don't have to look closely to notice this.. just check it out!

"Fatini make-up kan mermaid je..."

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