Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At Kinderarzt...

We were on the way to the clinic, we av stopped using the twin stroller and started using the old one again but this time with a special gadjet attached behind it called 'kiddy ride on'. much easier to handle compared to the twin stroller. unfortunately, it was a whole lot troublesome when fatini dozed off unwittingly... so we had to cut our outing short everytime...

Inside the clinic, they've built a tower using LEGO.

Have any idea wat she's trying to do? she had finished her candy, and tried to get afeef's. and look at how afeef handed it to her obediently.

After meeting with the doctor, she just ran out of the clinic refusing to have her jacket on. she had a runny nose but so stubborn! ok la, i shouldn't say stubborn, shall i say strong-willed.. mmm better..

Thank god, eventually she did want to put her jacket on heheh.. only because i threatened to leave her there.. heheh..

Can't leave Aleena too long inside the stroller.. this is what happened if we did..

Hehe cute kan..

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