Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can men play woman's role?

We were both bout to drift into our most beautiful sleep, coz it had been a tiring and hectic day.. suddenly we heard a faint voice at 1st, then it became louder and more demanding.. "nak susu!!" it was fatini's and in a dimly lit room with my eye lids so heavy that i struggled inside to open them, i said to my hubby.. "You go..."
he replied evenly, " You go la, she wants you.."
i've got an idea, " ok, Fatini nak papa buat susu ke mama buat?"
a few moments of silence.. "nak papa wat..."

the thing is, this question bout either men can or cannot play woman's role shouldn't be asked, because it is not a question at all! there is no specific rules that says woman has to be the 'One' to prepare everything for the children.. it is a shared responsibility, and if a man play his role as a father and gets himself occupied with the children, then he can save himself from having the thoughts that his wife's attention has somehow diverted to the children rather than just him. and that he feels neglected and lonely.. 'what a crap!'
seriously, i heard they were discussing bout this in 'Malaysia Hari Ini', and of all the caller, none of them mentioned bout father's role, instead they were all stressing on woman's role as a wife and mother.. bile la org melayu ni nak berubah ntah..

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