Friday, October 22, 2010

Fatini oh Fatini...

Lately she has no longer wet her diapers at night, but still my hubby put it on her every night, u know, just to be safe.. unfortunately last nite he had somehow forgotten to put it on, and that's when she pees.. so not only she wet her clothes but evrything else.. ahh thank God we have bought the washing machine! had no idea when exactly she started peeing, but we noticed this only in the morning when we got up for subuh prayer..
we had to wake her up, washed her up in the early hour where it was the coldest and changed her clothes while she sobs and shivers. aware that she won't continue her sleep, we let her lie down in the prayer room before afeef came and joined in.
feeling angry and moody, she asked afeef to move away, when he refused and just lay still, she kicked on his head over and over again. I was praying and couldn't focus coz the sight of it was terrible to behold. Once i finished, she started complaining;
"mama, afeef buat fatini..."
held on to my patients, i asked her gently, " ape abg afeef buat?"
"die die die die.." (stuttering, that's the sign when she knew she's the one at fault, and how i knew also from many times when i wasn't there to witness her mischiefs..)
"tadi tu fatini pukul die.." there she admit it!
"kenape fatini pukul abg afeef, x baik tau sepak2 abg afeef camtu..."
"tapi tapi die golek2 kat tmpat fatini.."
"ape salahnye golek2 kat situ, semua org bole baring kat situ, abg afeef pun boleh ok?"
"x boleh..."
"sebab die bau busuk.." aiyooo, i rest my case laaaa..

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