Sunday, October 31, 2010

HaLLoWeeN NigHT..

Never in my life i'd seen lots and lots of ghosts like i did last saturday nite.. Halloween's celebration here was awesome! Two thumbs up! Unfortunately both afeef and fatini couldn't control their fear for these supposedly fun ghosts, fatini's fear was the worst..

I think this huge 'coke bottle' shaped balloon is cute..

Couldn't get a clearer picture as i had to hold aleena and snap the photo at the same time, she couldn't control her fear as well, but not for the ghosts but for the the noises!

This one is not so scary, it's just a ship.. Pirate ship..

Menahan ketakutan... hehe

I think this time was when she had enough of ghosts, she couldn't bear to see any of them anymore... rugi laaa.. the ghosts actually had candies with them to give away to brave kids who'd dare get near them..

This one's scary if you look closely..

Yang muka hijau pun adaaaa..

This spider was what fatini and afeef feared most I think!

Tengok la Fatini smpai kena tutup mata camtu.. hantu ni pun die takut sgt, smpai mnjerit... look at those kids, that's when they get the candy..

Over all, Halloween's celebration was GREAT! but, we had to go back early coz Fatini had had enough of it.. I thought we were all gonna have a good time but apparently she's just not ready for this kind of fun.. poor girl.. she fell asleep and still a bit shaky later that nite.

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