Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ther she goes again..

Afeef's birthday is just around the corner, for the 1st time after 5 years his birth date gonna fall on Saturday. If we're in M'sia, we'll definitely celebrate it at Mom's house. I think, i'm gonna miss it more than Afeef. He keeps asking for LEGO Atlantis as a birthday gift, but i told him it's not possible, coz it's too expensive.. couldn't hide his disappointment, and i did feel bad, especially when he spent hours just staring at the photos displayed in the fliers.
Luckily, my sister in M'sia wuld buy this Lego and send it to him as a birthday present. Afeef couldn't control his excitement when he knew bout this and kept saying, "Impian Afeef tercapai!!" ok, lets see how envious Fatini will get when he receives this...
I don't have to wait that long actually, this morning, he spent a few minutes to look again at the toy's fliers, and saw the exact same Lego Atlantis that his aunty wuld buy for him, so, excitedly, he showed this to Fatini,
"Look! ni Lego Atlantis yg aunty Tie nak beli utk afeef!"
Fatini, had one quick glance at it and said "Afeef x bole! ni mahal sgt!"
"Tapi aunty ti yg nak beli!"
She raised her voice evenly "Tak boleh!!" spontaneously she hit him on the head!
Then she apologized, "Sorry afeef, x sengaje.."
They are inseparable, but many times they quarrel over silly things!

Many times after afeef got back from school, he would tells me his story of the day, like recently he talks bout one of his girlfriend named Anna who often poked and teased him, Fatini would also joined in and tells her story bout her imaginary school and friends.. they would both talk simultaneously, and sometimes i couldn't quite comprehend what they were trying to say.. hehe.. so most of the times i just nod..


faizati said...

ha ha i've bought the lego already,and got something for fatini as well, dah agak dia sure jeles klu afeef je dapat toys, ha ha tapi tak tau la fatini suka ke tidak main beli je... dah bagitau mak nanti poskan sekali dengan barang yang mak nak hantar kat kna.. cakap kat afeef x lama lagi sampai la he he...

Anonymous said...

got the merchandise with me, lego atlantis and Fatini's make up set - will mail you tomorrow..

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