Sunday, June 26, 2011

Japanese Garden..

Ok, this was last week's visit to Japanese Garden, not so much of a joy but for those who love nature, will definitely love this place.. it reminds me of 'Hutan Lipur Lintang' in Malaysia, or known as Templer Park, near my mom's place. We used to go there when we were a kids, you know, mandi sungai hehe..

This is the main entrance, ade la nampak ciri2 ke Jepunan nye kan.. hehe

There's a huge pond, with lots of huge fishes in it.. this is the only thing the kids love to see.. other than that, like Japanese trees and statues, they found them too boring..

Fatini really loves this..

Cafe pun ade...

hehe.. Princess masuk Taman Jepun ler..

Ait?? Dah boring ke?

Overall, the place is very suitable for those who needed mind therapy, or super fresh air, and of course for those who love nature will definitely love this place. But for the kids.... mmmm... not really kot.. I think they'd prefer Playground rather than this..
Pity them, so far, all the places we've ever visited always were boring to them.. maybe we should take them to Disneyland soon.. hehe..


sitiezahim said...

kalau pegi time spring sure cantik sangat tau..sbb banyak sakura..hehehe

ishamizu said...

hihi kesian the kids..ssh jg nk plan trip kn kene tgk ada tk tg bley menarik minat derg..So Bila nk g Disneyland?? bestnya :)

Frau Azmir said...

hajar: betul la, sy pun tercarik2 sakura, tp x de, maybe bunga nye dah x de.. patut pegi awal2 spring haritu.. cam time hajar gi tu, mmg cantik :)

Frau Azmir said...

izu: tu la, sian derang ni, nak gi Disneyland kat Paris la kot, hehe.. izu dah sampai Paris kan, x gi disneyland ke? maybe next summer la trip ke Paris pulak.. hehe insyaAllah.. Aleena pun dah makin besar, syok sket nak brjalan2..

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