Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Great Saturday :)

Again, another date with Victor, Lily and Florian last Saturday :)
This time, they took us to lunch in a huge Restaurant here in Kaiserslautern..
mmmm, once before they took us to the Zoo, they've invited us to a bbq at their place, and also invited us to celebrate Florian's birthday party which we couldn't make it, almost every Friday after karate's finished, they would invite hubby and Afeef over to their place where they served dinner etc etc.., they adored everything we've shown or given them, and they showed interest and appreciation in every invitation and also food that we've served them...
Overall, I would say that, they've been so infinitely kind to us, they've done and helped us a lot, in many things and events..
I don't think we could ever repay them, but the most amazing thing is, I knew it by heart that they don't expect anything in return, not even the least...
Their kindness were utterly beyond words for me to express...
I mean, take this as an example, they took the trouble to drive two cars just to pick us all up, whereas they could just told us to meet them at the Restaurant straight away because the Restaurant was just nearby, we could even walk there, but the've just wanted too, wanted to do and give the best.. isn't that sweet??

And not just that, they've paid for everything and even planned for more activities together, like skiing, go to Factory outlet together, etc etc...
The most wonderful thing is to realize that they didn't do all these in return of a good favor from us, but simply because they'd loved to do it... I don't know how to say it, like I said, it's beyond words !!!!
They are just kind people, kind at heart, kind in act and in everything !!
They are just great, and I love being with them !!

So, this is inside the Restaurant.
Look at all the foods :)
This is one of the most spacious restaurant we've ever been to in Deutschland :)
And the variety of foods were massive, however, we had to be very careful for we're afraid of anything non halal..

So, to be safe, all fried food were our choices, like fries, fried squid, fried prawn etc etc heheh..

A candid :)

These two, as always, can't get their hands off each other :)
Nowadays, whenever they meet up, all they do is...
Karate, karate, karate...
I hope they'll make it together for the change of belt :)

Nice :)

There's a small pond in the Restaurant too, with 'Koi fish' in it.
Oh my, Aleena loved it sooooo much :)

Afterwards, they took us to their home, where Lily served her special Cheesecake which she'd baked herself, and it tasted super yummy !!
I've even got a neatly written recipe from her !! Hahaha.. so nice of her :)

Seriously, if you ask me where to get a nice cheesecake in Deutschland, I would suggest Lily's cheesecake hehehe, I really loved it, and I have the recipe too !! yahoooo !!

The kids were busy playing :)

And Fatini with her drawing..
I bet you all know what she'd drawn there on the board :)

Eh ???

And lastly.......
A gift from Lily... hehe..
What's inside ??
Biarlah rahsia hehehe...

Ok ok, how bout a little peep inside..

Anyway, it was by far one of the best Saturday ever, had a great time together, we've chatted one issue after another until it's almost dark that Victor took us all home, we had a great laugh, Lily showed me her wedding album, we showed them our photos in Malaysia through FB, and Lily has recently enrolled herself in English course.
I guess, I'm her motivation to learn English and she is my motivation to learn Deutsch and we helped each other, and when we talked, we tried our best to explain everything, she'd open her dictionary and I would open mine, funny huh ?? hahaha,
Nevertheless, even though we speak different languages, and even though it's hard to sometimes understand what she was saying, and to explain whatever I wanna explain took so much efforts, we could still sit together, had a laugh together, hugged each other, cared for each other, appreciating, giving and accepting, it's a great feeling...
I feel like... we are soooo close at heart :)

There were times, whenever I think of their kindness, that I silently make a prayer for them, may God grant them all the wonderful things in life :)

mmmmm.. like I said once before, in a place where we have no family and friends, they make us feel like, We belong...



iu rf said...

really2 feeling bile baca entry akak mgenai family florian.. Lily mmg baik sangat2.. ehehehe.

setiap kali tengok Lily ngan florian teringat pd jiran sebelah rumah sy.. persis mcm dia.. dia ada anak sebaya haziq gak yg slalu dtg umah utk main2 sama2..jesen nama dia.. jesen ni ade adik laki nama dia noah.. mak dia pun tinggi2 n kurus2 cam lily tu.. baik sgt orangnya.. beri hadiah mcm2.. suka senyummm... selalu tanye khabar.. sib bek tau juga ckp english skit.. xdela mcm ayam ngan itik..ahahahaha..

rindu kat nenek depan jerman.. tinggal sorang2 je.. apa khabar agaknye.. dia pernah ckp kitoarang first foregin yang dia suka sangat2.. siap ajak masuk rumah dia.. tunjuk foto kawin dia..masa kitorg nak balik for good tu.. berkali2 dia kata kenapa nk balik... sedih je dia..mmg npk dia sedih.. wpun b4 tu dia mmg x suka sangat ngan orang luar.. kesian dia duk sorang..ade sakit lak tu.. da tua.. harap2 dia ok.. n sihat :) rindu kt nenek ngan keluarga Jesen ni..

oh ...atuk jerman ngan wife dia.. kat atas rumah n nenek tunisia ngan family dia..... ya Allah baiknye jiran2 ka homburg dulu.. !!! kat saarbruecken xde jiran sbb tgh2 bandar kot..ehehehe

p/S : orang2 jerman ni mmg majoriti baik2 lah kan...!!!ehehhehe

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Eh ej eh pandai main pianokah? egehehr.....
Best la entry nih...
Dulu bbsitter Ajwad org Palestin. Si wife x tau ckp English. So mmg mcm ayam itik bila kami sembNg...hahaha. Tp hubungan tu rapat. Dia selalu masakkan mkanan arab time tuh, syok betul. Sampaikn masa kami nk pindah dan perlu tukar bbsitter, saya yg over emtional, sedih, mengalir la jgk airmata....skrg depa pon dh blk Palestin. Ajwad smpi skrg ingat kt 'ammu' dia.....huhuhuhu

sitiezahim said...

hehehe seronok je baca...cuma part las tuh rasa sayu sket - bukan takde kawan, cuma kawan jauh..hik hik hik :P

Frau Azmir said...

ayu: sronok nye baca kisah ayu :) Bukan semua yg dok oversea ni berpeluang or berkesempatan kenal org2 luar yg baik camni. kira cam rezeki jugak kan, sbb bila tengok org baik ngan kita, kita blajar something di situ, maybe slpas ni kita bole buat baik ngan foreign family kat M'sia jugak kan.. bawak diorang jalan2, ajak dtg ke rumah bagi yg terbaik, biar diorang rasa happy and macam ade family jugak wlupun diorang di foreign country... to make others happy, I believe is the best feeling of all :) and kita pun akan rasa happy sbb diorang happy, so, diorang yg bukan Muslim, bole sebaik ni, ape lagi kita seorang Muslim, mesti lebih baik lagi insyaAllah :)

Frau Azmir said...

Dinnie: oh, sy rasa nnt sy pun akan emosi and mengalir air mata gak bila nak balik M'sia nnt, I know I'll miss Lily... harap2 diorang akan bercuti ke Malaysia :)
sy baru imagine je keadaan tu, sy dah rasa sebak.. ni blom betul2 lagi nak balik M'sia haha..

Frau Azmir said...

hajar: hehe, maksud sy masa kami mula2 sampai, baru2 kat sini, mana ada kawan sgt, tapi diorang dah befriend kami, ajak jalan2 dan sbgnya.. and kawan yg baik and jauh mmg ramai, tapi di KL ni, diorang la kawan trdekat yg sgt2 baik, yg brkawan bukan sbb berkepentingan, bukan sbb sama kaum tapi mmg diorang ikhlas brkawan :)

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