Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Sweet Doctor :)

Fatini and Aleena at Kinder Klinik for regular check up...
Never before met such a wonderful and friendly doctor for children..
Ok ok, semua doctor kanak2 tu friendly, tapi yang ni memang special sket...
Nak tau kenape....?

Haaaaaa.. pasal tu cakap special, doctor ni main ikat2 rambut pulak ngan Fatini hehehe
Tu blom lagi tengok die peluk and cium Fatini, unfortunately, terlupa nak snap gambar nye huhu...
But really, she did give Fatini a hug and a kiss :)
Sweet tau Doctor ni.. :)

Inilah hasil nya... hehe.. getah rambut tu pun hadiah dari Doctor :)

Doctor ni jugak the only person yg tunjuk genuine concern tentang x de kekosongan utk Fatini di Kindergarten.. genuine genuine concern, and macam2 advice dia bagi, including suggestion on what to do, and which kindergarten to go... etc etc..
Seemed to me like she cares for Fatini like her own daughter :)

mmmmm... kind people are everywhere.. they can be your neighbor, your classmates, or even your Doctor, etc etc...

It's a bless to know them :)

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