Thursday, March 13, 2014

ALeeNa and MaNja....

Assalamualaikum wbt...



Aha, Aleena named her Manja, because as the name implies, Manja is very friendly, loves to be cuddled and pampered.

She came to our house a few weeks ago, with blood oozing out from her vagina, I believed she'd just lost her babies :(
So, we started feeding her and taking care of her.
Aleena loves Manja so much!
Whenever we are out to buy cat food, Aleena would chose which cat food to buy for Manja!
Hehe so cute kan (",)
Children are so innocent, and their hearts so pure and innocent, this is the time to encourage good deeds!

Tengok tu, baru bangun tido, belum gosok gigi belum ape, dah pergi tengok Manja dulu haha!

Among the three of them, Afeef, Fatini and Aleena, Aleena is the one who's soooooooo into cats. 
But not just that, she cares for them too... always wanted to feed them...
 So sweet kan (",)

When we are eating out, she would always want to buy extra fish for the stray cats.
So sweet kan.... (",)

So, the thing is, all children have this wonderful hearts, so pure...
It is up to us parents to either encourage them to keep doing these good deeds or discourage them.
The money we've spent to feed these cats were not actually wasted, the values you've just instilled in your children when you help those stray animals out there are actually priceless. 
And don't be scared to spend for those in need including stray animals, because when you give, Allah will give you more than you could possibly imagine, in the least unexpected ways!

But don't do it because you expect something in return from Allah SWT!
Do it because animals are also 'Amanah' from Allah SWT, and feeding and helping them are the right thing to do, because if we human being don't, then who else will?

Yeah yeah I know, hardly anyone in favour to feed stray animals regularly, they're nuisance some people would say, they would come to your house regularly when you start feeding them regularly, they  would make your lawn dirty with feaces and urine.
This is what I did, I spare some space with no grass on my lawn, just sand so they can urinate there. 
It worked well so far.

The key word is, do everything for Allah SWT, and Allah will make everything easy for you, insyaAllah..
So, lets start today, remember,
~~Mahatma Gandhi~~

Till later, Salam (",)

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