Monday, March 10, 2014

A Little SoMeThiNg.....

Assalamualaikum wbt..

One of the best thing about writing a blog is that, the surprises it'll give you when you go through any of your posts again later, and discover that you've totally forgotten certain things that have happened!

 I've been reading a few entries just to recall some stories from our life in DE, of course only stories in DE that I have ever had in this blog because I've decided to start blogging only when I discovered that hubby had to further studies there. So, I was thinking to put our new journey there into writing, coz pictures won't be enough, and I was right.
I was reading this ENTRY again the other day and was surprised to find how confident I was about starting our new life in Malaysia.
And how determined I was to make things happen!

Maybe the determination wasn't so obvious in that writing, but as I was reading it, it's all coming back to me, I remember all the feelings so clearly, the determinations, the confidence...
I closed my eyes and I saw everything so vividly again :)
There we were, going up the hill, hand in hand, having had one of the most wonderful moments with the kids, met Afeef's teacher and the sadness we all felt at the ideas of leaving Germany for good :(

So, I did remember, I've promised, I would never want to wait for things to happen, instead I'll make them happen! 

So ok, lets add some colors to the already beautiful life (",)

What's new? 

Ahah... Afeef brought a friend home!
The first friend to come over.
He was sooooo excited about it, I'm so happy to see Afeef moving on so well!
Please pay no attention to the girl on the right :P
Sibuk lebih tu, but the funniest part was when she frantically searched for her 'tudung' when Afeef's friend came over.
She said: "Ada boy datang, Fatini kena pakai tudung!!!"

Haha, thanx to PASTI :D

And also.....

Swimming lesson!!!

Fatini was supposed to join too, but I haven't gotten her the 'Muslimah swimsuit'
just yet, so she refused to join the 1st lesson. Punya lah alim... Haha..
So, I am now in the process of finding the cutes Muslimah swimsuit for girls (",)

Ok, what's more???
Just when my spirit was lifted so high and I was so full of determination for the days ahead, Fatini was down with a high fever....

Again, there we were in Pekan hospital, with the wonderful people around.. (",)
At 1am in the morning, they've never failed to smile and showed their care and concern!
I just love the people there so much!

Oh poor Fatini, her first experience with the needle in her, it turned out she had not a serious bladder infection, and she has recovered today (",)

Alhamdulillah for a little test from Allah SWT..
It makes me stronger each day and it makes me appreciate life even more...
Life, wherever we live it, is a blessing from Allah SWT.

Ps: Still thinking of the missing aircraft.... Lets doa and doa and doa...

Till later, salam...


sitiezahim said...

wah afeef tak panas ke pakai lengan panjang? hehehe.. btw siannya fatini, mesti dah kurus kan :(

Miss Anna said...

Siti hajar, Afeef sorang je yg tak pernah komplen malaysia panas hehe, dia rilek je pakai lengan panjang. Lagipun kawasan sy dok ni cam bnyk pokok2 and berangin, so sejuk sket.
Fatini dah ok dah hari ni, 2 hari je demam, tak kurus pun hehe

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