Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 1~~ Self Portrait

Aha, this is me!!

But this is not my most recent photo, this was taken almost 2 years ago, in Keukenhof Holland, by far my most favourite place I've ever been to in Europe (",)
That's because I love Tulips sooooooooooo much!!
Being in this place was like being in a Fairy land~~~~ lalalalalala~~~~~ Seriously!! Hehe..
Ok ok, stop babbling, never mind if it's not my recent photo, I look the same anyway, Trust me!
Only that I've lost that butterfly on my head.. Huhu..

Anyway, I'm just a simple person, leading a simple life, doing what I love to do in my own little world where nothing else matters.. (",)
I Love Being Me!!
Always... (",)


sitiezahim said...

hahahah sudah bermula entri challenge ini...i likeee...hihihi..all the bes ana

:cahya schatz: said...

yee haaa... dah start...
all the besshh...

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