Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 2~~~~ What I Wore..

mmmmmmm... What I wore?
Head to toe ke?
Lets see...
First of all, I wore shawls, and still is... I love shawls! 

These are my collection of shawls, owwhhhh, ade macam kedai tudung? Hehe..
Oh please don't judge me, most of these are also gifts from friends (",)
For instance, on the right here is my favorite shawl, a brown inner and a brown floral shawl, a gift from Yla, a friend here.
Eh serious best shawl ni, I wore it many times before!!!

The lady in purple next to me is Yla (",)

Secondly, I wore make up but I don't like heavy make up, the kind that makes you look like a doll!!
I prefer it light and natural (",)
My choices were always Maybelline and Body Shop since long long time ago, these were always my favorite brands.
And I never really wear lipstick, just Lip ice and it is always a must in my bag!

Thirdly, Clothes!
 I Love Fashionable clothes! I don't chose any particular brand or go for branded clothes but I just wear whatever that looks nice, lovely and affordable. In short I love to mix and match!
Whatever nice clothes I found on sales, I grabbed it, sometimes things that seemed a bit impossible to wear, but really really cheap.
For instance, I found this short, maroon transparent top, I bought it, kept in my wardrobe for a while and later found this long stripy top, nice, it covers my bottom but a bit tight but cheap! I bought it and later at home I rummaged my wardrobe, and noticed this transparent top again and put them together.

Not bad kan? Eventually it looks fashionable yet it costed me not more than 10 euros!

This one here too, a short black cardigan with roses, a skirt??? Gile ke ape pakai skirt.. haha..
I mixed and matched...
It turned out... 
not bad at all, once I put it on, it looked like a long Muslimah T-shirt only a lil bit trendy hehe..

Mixed and matched...

And this too...

A short red.... mmmmm cardigan ke jacket, ntah la, but very very cheap..
 I grabbed it, mix and match with existing clothes at home...

Like this... hehe...
One thing bout me, I love lace fabric so much.
Kain lace bukan pakai waktu kawen je, anytime pun bole tau...  (",)

And lastly, I wore jeans all the time, my preference: boot cut. 
Tu je la kot...
 Shoes, I'll share in shoes section later hehehe..
Till later, tata..


ishamizu said...

Mmg fashionable! hehe..izu pon suka mix n match..n setuju tak semestinya branded..;)

sitiezahim said...

u mmg pandai berfesyen pon..hehe..

Anonymous said...


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