Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lets Maintain, not Lose.... (",)

Yeah this is the one!!

 I've been searching for my photo which look presentable hehe. And I think this one is most suitable, walaupun senyum tu cam pelik huhu..

Actually, before I came to live here in Germany, some people predicted that I would put on weight, they say,
"Abis la, dok Germany nnt coklat murah, sure gemuk.."
"Haaa kalau dok Germany nnt confirm gemuk nye.."

Haaaaaaaa things like that, but I loved it when people say demotivating words to me, because that will motivates me... Hehehehe!!

Ok, so far, Alhamdulillah, I've maintained the same weight, meibi I did put on a lil weight about a few months ago, right before Ramadhan, I think because lack of exercise, and too much of Tiramisu haha, but realizing that, I straight away begin my strenuous exercise, almost an hour everyday running on a Treadmill.

Apart from that, some friends here did ask me how I've maintained my weight, so let me share here some tips on how to maintain an ideal body weight, this is from my own experience:

~~ 1st of all, make this your habbit, AN APPLE A DAY! Apples help reduce fat cells absorption by the cells, refer HERE.

~~ Eat only when you are hungry, and eat slowly! Gaya2 datin gitu or as if you are at a Formal
function! Trust me, this really works! When you eat slowly, you tend to eat less! Lagipun ape
kejadahnye nak makan laju2 kan?

~~ Regular exercise, don't wait until your weight has increased then only you start putting on your sport shoes!!! Do it everyday, or once in 3 days, with only 30-40 minutes running or just walk for an hour!

~~ When you go out, avoid taking the escalators, or lifts, but use the stairs instead!

That's it!! 
That's my way of maintaining my weight, I've never reduced my rice intake nor stop taking them, I've never stopped taking fried foods, I've never stop taking foods I loved so much like cakes, tiramisu, cheesecakes etc etc, I've never gone on dieting or anything like that, I just reduce the portion (klu dulu makan Oreo sampai sekotak, sekarang 3,4 ketul cukuplaa hehe) and I keep on burning callories!! And trust me, the weight you've lost through exercise is harder to gain than through other methods!

Nevertheless, I did put a lot of weight once, a few months after I gave birth to Afeef, akibat kerakusan membaham makanan, I had a weight increase from 48kg to 60kg!!!
That went on for years, I never even bother to lose them!! Until after I gave birth to Fatini that I realized, even with 2 children, my passion for fashionable clothes never died, so I made an effort to lose weight again so I could fit into my old jeans and clothes and.....
Of course it wasn't easy, it was all hard work!
But still, I've never ever stopped taking rice or any foods that I like!! I just reduce the portion and increase the amount of excercise needed (",)

So, Remember this, maintaining your weight is far easier than to lose them!!!

By the way, I'll start this challenge tomorrow, hehe.. Terpengaruh dgn Cik Liza la ni hehe!! You mmg best lah!! Hehe..
InsyaAllah, I'll make it, 30 days!!!
Wahhhhhh tetibe berdebar2 haha..


:cahya schatz: said...

Ehem...ehem... Puan liza la... :)
All the best!

sitiezahim said...

1st of all, yes mmg betul kena sentiasa alert dengan berat badan. i mean takde la sampai dah terlebih gemuk baru nak kurus, mmg susah kan huhu..
then i think bergantung pada jenis badan gak. ada kawan saya, makan camne pon mmg traditional kurus (oh sangat jeles) huhu...
dan mmg betul, kalau boleh saya nak tepis tanggapan orang 'duduk obersea tak kerja (sbb dulu saya keje skarang dok umah) berat badan naik'..sbb honestly lagi senang nak jaga makan bila dok umah dr zaman bekerja dulu tau huhu..
pssttt wah dah ter efek dengan celen liza ke? gut gut...saya pengomen setia wakakaka...all the best

Eta said...

serius suke bace blog ni, hye selamat berkenalan, bestnye tinggal kt german..

Miss Anna said...

Oooooooppppssss! Sori puan liza, haha! Trpanggil cik pasai nampak muda ;)

Hajar betui la tu, ade orang mmg semulajadi kurus bantai la makan apa pun, dok tang tu jugak hehe.. Sy pulak jenis yg susah nak gemuk and susah gak nak kurus, tapi senang maintain. Sbb tu sy pilih utk maintain saja, x dak la nak turun kan berat lg kot. Ni kira zon berat badan selesa, hehe...

Eta: tima kasih komen membina tu, salam kenal jugak dr Kaiserslautern Germany :)

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