Friday, January 18, 2013

GoOd And NuTriTioUs FoOd.. (",)

mmmmmm.. it's not a food story day just yet, but... can I talk a lil bit bout food?

Ok, It's not a recipe that I wanna share here, nor what I've cooked for today, but I just wanna raise awareness to a healthy eating habit. Haaahh!! 
Tetibe jer..! hehe..

But seriously, do you realize that most of us often care for enough food rather than good food?

I remember once, a friend of mine prepared a porridge for her baby, and the porridge was just a porridge,  it consists of a rice, salt and water and nothing else!! 
She said, sometimes she add eggs, or just soya sauce! 
That's it??!!

No fibers, no proteins (ok there'll be proteins if she add eggs, but eggs all the time??)... 
How about vitamins and minerals? Our children needs those more than anything else!

I was shocked, but it hits me instantly when she said;
"It doesn't matter, I just don't want my kid to feel hungry.."
Yeah true, but don't you want your kid to be healthy too?

I don't know, I don't blame her, it's just us, Malaysian people especially, our awareness of good and nutritious food is startlingly low... 
We tend to go for the quantity rather than the quality of the food.
It's no one to be blamed, some people really can't afford to have a better food, so their focus is not on nutritious food, but whether or not they have something to feed on.. 
Oh, this is heart breaking..
Thank you Allah for unlike those who are unfortunate, we have the choice... 
"What should I eat today?"
rather than,
"Is there anything to eat?"

Back to my main point, I used to be a mommy who just wanted to make sure my kids weren't hungry too, I never bothered to ensure that they have all the nutrition needed for growth etc etc..
Which explains, why Afeef used to have a daily 'nasik, kicap, telur' routine, because that's the simplest to prepare huhu.. 
I told you before, I used to be a lazy mommy, huhu..
But not anymore, my mission now is to make sure my children have all the good foods, and I think I've succeeded a little. 
From someone who used to hate vegetables especially the raw ones, Afeef now enjoy salad with rice and any kind of side dish.
I make sure he has salad everyday in his meal. And also an apple is a must everyday. 
And recently, Fatini and Aleena starting to enjoy salad in their food too!!
So I'm telling you guys all this, so as to share my own experience, and that it's not impossible or too late to start!

Make the right choice, avoid MSG, anything with preservatives, less processed foods, more fruits and vegetables, it's not so difficult actually (",)
It's one thing if you are a grown-up making bad choices for yourself, it's another to make bad choices for the kids, choices that could doom them to lifelong poor health.
Make the right choice today!


sitiezahim said...

budak2 kat umah ni mmg susah nak makan sayur dan makan nasik dlm kuantiti yg sikit kalau tak bersuap. so untuk lunch derang, saya akan prepare bubur nasik yg dicampur ikan or ayam or apa2 sumber protein dan carrot atau bayam atau brocoli atau apa2 sayur, dan saya suap dedua. hasilnya mmg derang makan banyak dan derang mmg suka bubur dr nasik hehe..

Ninie Hanis said...

high 5 for the homemade food! :)

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