Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 7~~~~ Something New...

I don't have anything new to share, mmmmmmm wait, 
I do have something new, but that's not what's worth to be shared... 
What's worth is, something that makes me feel new.. 
 Actually someone, a friend who makes me feel brand new and truly blessed.. 
Someone who's always there when I needed a friend, who see the beauty in me despite all my weaknesses, and someone who just make my day brand new by saying 
 "Thank You for being my friend..." 

To Siti Hajar, a friend who makes me feel new and alive.. 
Thank you for being my friend too (",) 

A real friend is someone who's always true to you, keep your secrets no matter what, someone who's happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad, and despite all your weaknesses, she'd still accept you and love you for who you are,  and gives you advice not on what you wanna hear but what is right, because she wants you to do the right thing, and she wants to enter Jannah with you..
InsyaAllah sahabat fiddunya wal akhirah (",)

This song, a new video from me, specially for you, 
Siti Hajar....  
(jugak merangkap reader dan pemberi komen setia di blog ni hehe)

Because I Miss You ~~~ OST Heartstrings~~~

Ps/ Hajar:  sori for tiny tiny mistakes hehe.. Baru hari ni fikir lagu ape nak main untuk you, and baru carik notes, record, buat video etc etc...
Hope You Like It (",)

1 comment:

sitiezahim said...

hahahahha lawak la, serius malu giler time kasih banyak2...mmg tak terluah...hehehehe

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