Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 21~~~ PReTty PaTTeRn..


Oh my, I almost forgot to update day 21 haha!
Still is in Anniversary mood (",) and Fatini's birthday is coming soon, so I've been busy thinking about It hehehe!! Well, January has always been a busy month!

Ok, lets get straight to the point, today's story, Pretty pattern (",)
Lets make it short too, because I'm going to bed shortly and tomorrow a friend will come over, and I'm going to make Durian crepe again... Remember, it was tedious... And I need to start early tomorrow.. Fuuuuhhh sampai camtu ke?

Ok, I found anything with tulips printed on it pretty.. So this pattern is pretty..
Yes pretty...

Ok, that's all hehe..
Till tomorrow... (",)


sitiezahim said...

wahhh eppi besday in advance fatini :D

Miss Anna said...

Wow in advance tuh, tq hehe..

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