Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 6~~~~ CHiLdHoOd MeMoRy...

Childhood memories, too many of them.....
 Let me just share some which gives me this warm feelings inside whenever I think about it...

1~~ Paper Dolls..
I've had soooo many them when I was a little girl (",)
I used to be so addicted to them, and was soooo crazy bout them too hehe..

2~~ Then, I advanced a bit, from paper to a real doll, oh yes, BARBIE!!
I've had lots and lots of Barbie, tak percaya cuba tanya mak I hehe..
From just a doll and a few clothes, to its furniture, dining sets, living room sets, kitchen sets, etc etc....

And of course, being a little girl who loved Barbie dolls and loved to dressed them so much, I loved to dressed my self up as well.. hehe
3~~~ I used to adore Disney Princesses and used to be sooooo crazy bout beautiful dresses, which would make me look like a Princess.. mmmm..
If I didn't look like a Princess pun, at least I felt like a Princess (",)

Haaaa... macam budak2 comel ni lah!!

These used to be my favorite candies during my childhood years, huhu.. that on the bottom right were not real cigarattes ok! It's just a very nice candies I used to love when I was a little girl hehe..
I bet some of you guys must have had it too.. rite?? 

4~~ And these were some games I used to play when I was a kid, with my brothers and sisters...
haaaaaaaiiihhhh... those memories... (",)
Happy Family cards, Old maid cards.. haha..
And a video games not exactly like this one in this photo, but similar to this with a cartridge and all.. and of course, Super Mario Bros!!

5~~ And also a family routine, almost every wekend we would all drove to Subang Parade, macam x de shopping complex lain hehe..
This was where I got all my Barbie collection from... oooooopppssss!

6~~ And, mmmmm... yang ni malu betul nak story hehe
I used to be a huge fan of Gersang band hahaha! Actually not really the band that I was into, it's their song, 'Masih Aku Terasa'... huuuuuuhhh sape suke jugak angkat tangan!
I was sooo into this song, and my big brother had this kind of radio back then and the cassete of Gersang band, so I would spend hours in his room when he wasn't around, and I would listen to this song over and over again... fuuuuuhhhh believe me, thousands of times kot hehe!!
Rewind and play, rewind and play again... 

7~~ Ahaaaaaa... and this Japan TV series, oh my, I was soooo crazy bout this!!
Sape giller kan citer ni dolu, angkat tangan! Yang ni I tau la sape yg angkat tangan tu hehe.. **wink**
Moero Attack was one of my favorite Japan TV series, I even dreamed to be a Volleyball player after watching it! 
Berangan2 training Volleyball, tapi volleyball x de, so pegi lompat and pukul daun kat pokok luar rumah, dgn harapan someday I boleh melompat tinggi and sommersault haha!

8~~ And lastly, cats... 
Yeah, my childhood memories are filled with cats!!!
 Whatever I did, whatever I liked, whatever my dream was, and how they'd changed with time...
one thing never changed, I just loved cats.. and they filled my memories,
Now and Forever... (",)

Till tomorrow, Salam..


'idun sa'idun said...

hehehe... Kenangan mengusik jiwa kan anna.. Seronok btl masa zmn muda remaja dulu..ekekekeke... Btw, awk ex uia kan..grad thn bila eh..? kita grad 98.. :-)

sitiezahim said...

fuh kecik2 dah ada barbie set..teringat zaman kecik2, merengek mintak barbie, jgn harap nak dilayan. las2 mak beli anak patung dr pekan sari (pasar mingguan) je. terasa jurang kita kan? but i really appriciate u boleh membesar, memahami kesusahan orang lain di sekitar u..memang 1 dalam sejuta. thanks for being my friend, thanks for sentiasa memahami saya selama ni (tiba2 ayat jiwang keluar hehe)

Miss Anna said...

Idun saidun: nnt kita story2 ye ;)

Hajar: mmg jiwang you, terharu sy huhu... Thank you tak terhingga (",) tersenyum sy sepanjang hari baca komen ni hehe..

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