Monday, January 14, 2013

My Country and Their Country...

I know today is suppose to be my 'Faceless self portrait day' but, can I just write about something else before I get to my 9th day of a Photo challenge entry?

Just a short one, ( oh I hope so!!! )

I've just read the news, about Toll charges on the Kesas Highway will be reduced from midnight monday.... Mmmmmm its's a good news I supposed, but....
I was a little surprised when I learnt that the toll charges were to have been raised in the beginning, and the Prime Minister decided against it because it would place a financial burden on the people. 
mmmmmmmm... yeah, I appreciate the effort the Government has made, but I can't help this tiny tiny intuition that this is all just an agenda for the upcoming election hehe.. 

So my guess would be, if there's no upcoming election, then the toll charges would have been raised!

Everything just keep rising in Malaysia!

How about the rise in number of people with good attitude?

mmmmmm... let me tell you something about German people attitude, for example German drivers.. 

We've been driving on the highways here in Deutschland for several times, we've rented a car a few times as well, and the longest journey we've made was from Germany to Austria. 
What I've learnt was that, Germany Expressways are free from toll. 
Yessss free! 
It's a state-owned "free" roads, financed by taxes. Well, it's no surprise then, Germany is the world's third largest exporter! HERE
And, having had the experience travelling on the road myself, I concluded that the roads are superbly designed, built and maintained and the drivers are well-trained and cooperative too. 

And, about 2/3 of the highways network has no speed limit, Yes, NO SPEED LIMIT, although there's always an advisory limit of 130km/h. 
So I've been on these highways with no speed limit, and I've noticed just how some cars were barely a blur as they whiz by, and yet despite the prevailing high speeds, the accident, injury and death rates on the Highways are remarkably low. 
Drivers attitude.
In this case, I have to say, Malaysian drivers are way way behind as compared to the German drivers...
I don't mean to condemn people in my own country, but I think Germany is an examplary model for all developing countries including Malaysia, rite?

Take this for an example, I rarely have to stop and wait until no cars passing by just to get across the road, but, they would stop instead and wait for me to get across... always always... (",)
I'll miss this someday...
Yes I will..

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:cahya schatz: said...

Ada pros n cons jgk...
Sini takdak tol tp tax utk org kerja sgt2 tinggi...

Tp dari segi attitude, mmg tak leh deny..malaysian mmg sgt jauh kebelakang....

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