Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mom's Soup...

Feel like I haven't been updating this blog for so long.. I'd been ill last wekend, had a fever and all activities planned had to be cancelled.. too bad.. but Alhamdulillah, I've fully recovered.. Nevertheless, being sick never stopped me from cooking.. heheh..
I was craving for mom's soup for soooo long, plus demam pulak, lagi la teringat sup mak... after a friend here posted an entry bout her special soup that looks so tempting, Hajar's blog, I just knew that I had to figure out a way to try and make mom's soup myself. Before this, I used 'rempah soup' la, 'sup bunjut ' la, but they'd never turned out the same as mom's soup.
My mom used to prepare all the 'rempah tumis' herself, she would use 'lesung batu' to crush everything together like onions, garlics, ginger and black pepper. Unfortunately, I don't have lesung batu...
So what I did was, I used blender instead of 'lesung batu'.. How come I've never thought of this before??? heheh silly me..
The soup turned out tastier than the one I used to make using 'sup bunjut' and 'rempah sup', but still, it was not exactly like mom's soup... huhu.. agaknya, tu lah rahsia lesung batu hehe..

Dah la serba kekurangan, x de daun sup, x de daun bawang... mmm..
Next try, Mom's laksa pulak... a parcel from mom had safely arrived last week, consisting of 'ikan bilis', 'asam keping' (for laksa), baby carrier bag, and tudung baru lagi hehehe.. thank you so much mak, terharu sangat2... you are the best mom in the world.. :)


sitiezahim said...

hahaha..mention nama saya ye..:P
time kasih time kasih...hihihi..
saya pon slalu masak apa yg mak saya suka masak tapi mmg takkan sama rasanya dgn air tangan mak..huhu tensen sungguh !

Frau Azmir said...

thank u hajar :) hahaha same la kite.. and rase tu mmg susah nak dapat yg sama.. ade je yg x kena kan.. hehe..
kdg2 sebab x cukup bahan.. cam sy kdg2 teringin nak makan masak kicap mak, tp x de kicap manis and kicap masin kipas udang.. try ngan kicap yg ade kat cni x pernah yg jadi, jadi ntah ape2 ade la huhu..

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